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IslamQA: A friend is suffering from mysterious night chills and aches

Assalamo alaikum. I have question regarding my friend. Last month she got ill. She had fever with chills. Flu and cough. Then a something at night bit her toe. There was lot of bleeding. It was dark. By the time she switched on light, she saw a mouse running away. She got treatment. She found her clothes in the wardrobe torn and shredded. Then she again got ill. 3 days back she recovered. Last night on her way back from university she passed a graveyard. She woke up at 3 am at night choking with chills, sweat and bodyache. Still she has chills, sweating and bodyache. This might be a superstion. 2 years back she had kala jadu done to her. What is going on? And please tell what to do.

Alaikumassalam wa rahmatullah,

May Allah make her condition better. I would prefer to give her condition a natural, medical explanation. As long as she prays regularly then inshaAllah she will be protected. Please also see the articles on this page: Islam and Magic

And God knows best.
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