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Aaiz (Name)

There are two different Arabic names that my be spelled as Aaiz in English:

Aaiz (1)

Aaiz (transliteration: ʿĀʾiḏ) is an Arabic name for boys that means “one who has difficulties”1 or “one who is in need of something but cannot find it or acquire it”2. It can also mean “one who lacks proficiency”3, “needy” or “poor”4.

There are twelve companions of the Prophet Muhammad who have the name Aaiz:

  • Aaiz bin al-Saa’ib al-Makhzumiعائذ بن السائب المخزومي
  • Aaiz bin Sa`d al-Jisri عائذ بن سعد الجسري
  • Aaiz bin Salamahعائذ بن سلمة
  • Aaiz bin Sa`eed bin Zaydعائذ بن سعيد بن زيد
  • Aaiz bin Qart al-Sakuniعائذ بن قرط السكوني
  • Aaiz bin Abi Aa’iz al-Ja`fiعائذ بن أبي عائذ الجعفي
  • Aaiz bin Abd Amr al-Azdiعائذ بن عبد عمرو الأزدي
  • Aaiz bin Amr al-Ansariعائذ بن عمرو الأنصاري
  • Aaiz bin Amr al-Muzaniعائذ بن عمرو المزني
  • Aaiz bin Qais al-Jurmuziعائذ بن قيس الجُرمُزي
  • Aaiz bin Maa`is bin Qaisعائذ بن ماعص بن قيس
  • Aaiz bin Mu`adh bin Anasعائذ بن معاذ بن أنس

The name Aaiz may also be spelled as Aez, Aaez, A’iz, A’ez, Aa’iz, Ayez, Ayiz, and Aayiz.

Below is the name Aaiz written in Arabic naskh script:

Below is the same name written in Arabic ruqʿah script:

Aaiz (2)

Aaiz can also be another spelling of the name Aaid, for the details of this name please see: Aaid.


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