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Aban (Name)

Aban (transliteration: Abān) is an Arabic name for boys that is the name of a mountain mentioned in Arabic dictionaries.1 One meaning of the word is “the time (of something taking place)”, as in the usual time of the stars coming out.2

Aban is also spelled Abaan.

There are nine Companions of the Prophet Muhammad named Aban:

  • Aban bin Sa`eed bin al-`Aas ابان بن سعيد بن العاص
  • Aban bin Abdullah أبان بن عبد الله
  • Aban al-Abdi أبان العبدي
  • Aban al-Muharibi أبان المحاربي
  • Aban bin Abi Ayyash al-Shanni أبان بن أبي عياش الشني
  • Aban bin Taghlib al-Rab`i أبان بن تَغلِب الرَّبعي
  • Aban bin Salih bin Umair bin Ubaid أبان بن صالح بن عمير بن عبيد
  • Aban bin Uthman bin Affan أبان بن عثمان بن عفان
  • Aban bin Yazeed al-Attar أبان بن يزيد العطار

Below is the name Aban written in Arabic naskh script:

Below is Aban written in Arabic kufi script:


  1. Al-Muheet fil Lughah by al-Sahib bin Abbad (d. c. 995 CE), entry for أبن.
  2. Majma` Bihaar al-Anwaar by al-Fattini (d. 1578 CE), entry for أبن.
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3 years ago


What is the meaning of Aban & Abaan and please also inform that they are different name..?