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Abdul Malik (Name)

Abdul Malik (transliteration: ʿAbdul Malik, Arabic: عبد الملك) is an Arabic name for boys that means “servant of the King”, meaning “servant of God” since al-Malik is one of the names of God in Islam.1 The name is made up of the words ʿabd (“servant”, “slave”)2 and the name of God al-Malik. Due to the way the Arabic language works, when pronouncing the name ʿabd al-Malik becomes ʿabdul Malik.

Abdul Malik should not be confused with Abdul Maalik.

Abdul Malik is also spelled as Abdul Malek, Abd al-Malik, Abdel Malik and Abd el-Malik.

There are twelve Companions of the Prophet Muhammad named Abdul Malik:

  • Abdul Malik bin Abi Bakr عبد الملك بن أبي بكر
  • Abdul Malik bin Ukaidir عبد الملك بن أكيدر
  • Abdul Malik bin Jahsh al-Asadi عبد الملك بن جحش الأسدي
  • Abdul Malik al-Hajbi عبد الملك الحجبي
  • Abdul Malik bin Sa`eed bin Huraith عبد الملك بن سعيد بن حريث
  • Abdul Malik bin Sa`eed bin Suwaid al-Ansari عبد الملك بن سعيد بن سويد الأنصاري
  • Abdul Malik bin Sinan عبد الملك بن سنان
  • Abdul Malik bin Ubad عبد الملك بن عباد
  • Abdul Malik bin Abdul Azeez عبد الملك بن عبد العزيز
  • Abdul Malik bin Muhammad عبد الملك بن محمد
  • Abdul Malik bin Nubait bin Jabir al-Ansari عبد الملك بن نبيط بن جابر الأنصاري
  • Abdul Malik bin Hubar عبد الملك بن هبار

Abdul Malik ibn Marwan was the fifth Umayyad caliph, who reigned from 685 to 705 CE.

Below is the name Abdul Malik written in Arabic naskh script:

Below is the same name written in Arabic kufi script:


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  2. Taaj al-Aroos by Murtada al-Zabidi (d. 1790 CE), entry for عبد.
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Abdul warith
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