Hawramani Encyclopedia of Muslim Baby Names

Ahmar (Name)

Ahmar (transliteration: Aḥmar, Arabic: أحمر) is an ancient Arabian name for boys that means “the color red”1, “weaponless man”2 Ahmar is also a type of date.3 Ahmar is also used to mean “white”, especially when speaking of skin color.4

Ahmar may also be spelled as Ahmer.

There are eight Companions of the Prophet Muhammad named Ahmar:

  • Ahmar bin Jaz’ al-Sadoosi أحمر بن جَزء السَّدوسي
  • Ahmar bin Sulaim أحمر بن سُليم
  • Ahmar bin Siwaa أحمر بن سواء
  • Ahmar bin Aseeb أحمر بن عسيب
  • Ahmar ibn Qutn al-Hamdani أحمر ابن قطن الهمداني
  • Ahmar bin Mazin أحمر بن مازن
  • Ahmar bin Mu`awiyah أحمر بن معاوية
  • Ahmar (freed slave of Umm Salamah) أحمر مولى أم سلمة

Below is the name Ahmar written in Arabic naskh script:

Below is the name Ahmar written in Arabic kufi script:


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