Hawramani Encyclopedia of Muslim Baby Names

Akkaf (Name)

Akhdar (transliteration: ʿAkkāf, Arabic: عَكّاف) is an Arabic name for boys that means “one who is dedicated to (something)”, “one who has devoted himself (to something)”.12 When speaking of a Muslim, it can mean “one who performs much iʿtikāf“, i.e. “one who often stays overnight at the mosque in order to perform worship.”3 There is one Companion of the Prophet Muhammad named Akkaf:

  • Akkaf bin Wadaa`ah al-Hilali عكاف بن وداعة الهلالي

Akkaf may also be spelled as Akaaf, Akkaaf and Akaph.

Below is the name Akkaf written in Arabic naskh script:

Below is the name Akkaf written in Arabic kufi script:


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