Hawramani Encyclopedia of Muslim Baby Names

Amatullah (Name)

Amatullah (transliteration: Amatullāh, Arabic: أمة الله) is an Arabic name for girls that means “servant of God”, “slave of God”. It is made up of the words amah (“slave”1, “devoted worshiper of God”2) and Allah (“God”).

Amatullah may also be spelled Amatulla, Amatula and Amat Allah.

There are two Sahabiyyat (Companions of the Prophet Muhammad ) named Amatullah:

  • Amatullah al-Thaqafiyyah أمة الله الثقفية
  • Amatullah bint Razeenah/Ruzainah أمة الله بنت رزينة

Below is the name Amatullah written in Arabic naskh script:

Below is the name Amatullah written in Arabic kufi script:


  1. Al-Muhkam wal Muheet al-Aadham by Ibn Seedah al-Mursi (d. 1066 CE), entry for أمو.
  2. Taaj al-Aroos by Murtada al-Zabidi (d. 1790 CE), entry for أمو.
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3 years ago

Love your descriptions of names. Keep it up.

asmau nagoma
asmau nagoma
2 years ago

amatullah is great name I respect d name and loved it it my sis name