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Artat (Name)

Artat (transliteration: Arṭāt, Arabic: أرطاة) is an Arabic name for boys that refers to a type of tree that the scholar al-Sahib bin Abbad says the Persians call sanjaẓ.1 In modern Persian, the word sanjad (which is almost certainly a modern development from the word sanjaẓ) refers to the genus of plants known as Elaeagnus, with the common name of “silver berry” and “Russian olive” in English.2 The plant is described as “a plant that grows in sand. It has a good-smelling flower. Its fruit looks like grapes and is used in tanning.”3

Artat is also spelled as Artaat.

There are six Companions of the Prophet Muhammad named Artat:

  • Artat bin al-Harith أرطاة بن الحارث
  • Artat bin Suhayyah أرطاة بن سهية
  • Artat al-Taa’i أرطاة الطائي
  • Artat bin Ka`b bin Sharaheel أرطاة بن كعب بن شراحيل
  • Artat bin Ka`b bin Qais أرطاة بن كعب بن قيس
  • Artat bin al-Munzir al-Sukooni أرطاة بن المنذر السكوني

Below is the name Artat written in Arabic naskh script:

Below is the name Artat written in Arabic kufi script:


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