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Aslam (Name)

Aslam (transliteration: Aslam, Arabic: آسلم) originally meant “large containers”, being the plural of salm which referred to a type of large container.1 As a verb, aslama means “he submitted (i.e. he became Muslim)”, “he became harmless toward others”, and today the name Aslam is also used as a reference to this, with the meaning “one who does no harm toward others”, “one who is [a good] Muslim”. As a verb, Aslam is used in the Quran in numerous places, as in verse 72:14:

Among us are those who are submitting, and among us are the compromisers. As for those who have submitted—it is they who pursue rectitude.

There are at least 13 Companions of the Prophet Muhammad named Aslam:

  • Aslam bin Afsa bin Harithahأسلم بن أفصى بن حارثة
  • Aslam bin Awsأسلم بن أوس
  • Aslam bin Jabeerahأسلم بن جبيرة
  • Aslam (camel-groom of the Prophet SAW)أسلم حادي رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم
  • Aslam bin al-Harith bin Abdul Mutallibأسلم بن الحارث بن عبد المطلب
  • Aslam al-Habashiأسلم الحبشيAslam al-Ra`i Abu Salmaأسلم الراعي أبو سلمى
  • Aslam bin Saleem al-Suraimiأسلم بن سليم الصريمي
  • Aslam al-Ta`iأسلم الطائي
  • Aslam bin Umairahأسلم بن عميرة
  • Aslam (freed salve of Umar ibn al-Khattab)أسلم مولى عمر
  • Aslam (last name unknown)أسلم غير منسوب
  • Aslam (freed slave of the Prophet SAW)أسلم مولى رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم

Below is the name Aslam written in Arabic naskh script:

Below is the name Aslam written in Arabic kufi script:


  1. Al-Muhkam wal Muheet al-Aadham by Ibn Seedah al-Mursi (d. 1066 CE), entry for السين واللام والميم.
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