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Ataa (Name)

Ataa (transliteration: ʿAṭāʾ, Arabic: عطاء) is an Arabic name for boys that means “gift”, “present”, “bestowal”, something that is freely given to or bestowed on someone.1 In modern Arabic it is used to mean “generosity”, “graciousness”.2 When used as a name, the implied meaning is that the child a gift from God.

Ataa is also spelled Ata, Ata’ and Ataa’.

The word Ataa is used four times in the Quran:

And as for those who are happy, they will be in Paradise, remaining therein for as long as the heavens and the earth endure, except as your Lord wills—a gift without end.3

To all—these and those—We extend from the gifts of your Lord. The gifts of your Lord are not restricted.4

A reward from your Lord, a fitting gift.5

There are 12 Companions of the Prophet Muhammad named Ataa:

  • Ataa bin Abi Rabaah عطاء بن ابي رباح
  • Ataa bin Ibrahim عطاء بن إبراهيم
  • Ataa bin Tuwait عطاء بن تويت
  • Ataa bin Abi Julaid al-Khuza`i عطاء بن أبي جليد الخزاعي
  • Ataa bin Haabis al-Tamimi عطاء بن حابس التميمي
  • Ataa bin Sa`d عطاء بن سعد
  • Ataa al-Shaibi al-Abdari عطاء الشيبي العبدري
  • Ataa bin Qais bin Abd Qais عطاء بن قيس بن عبد قيس
  • Ataa al-Muzani عطاء المزني
  • Ataa bin Munbih عطاء بن منبه
  • Ataa bin Ya`qub al-Madani عطاء بن يعقوب المدني
  • Ataa slave of Abi Ahmad bin Jahsh عطاء مولى أبي أحمد بن جحش

Below is the name Ataa written in Arabic naskh script:

Below is the name Ataa written in Arabic kufi script:


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