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Bakr (Name)

Bakr () is an Arabic name for boys that means “young (adolescent) camel”.123

The closest Companion of Prophet Muhammad is known as Abu Bakr, which means “father of a boy named Bakr”. This wasn’t his first name but his kunya, something akin to a nickname. His first name was ʿAbdullāh, his full name being ʿAbdullāh bin Abī Quḥāfa.

There are ten Companions of the Prophet Muhammad named Bakr:

  • Bakr bin Umayyah al-Dhamri بكر بن أمية الضمري
  • Bakr bin Jabalah بكر بن جبلة
  • Bakr bin al-Haarith al-Anmaari بكر بن الحارث الأنماري
  • Bakr bin Haarithah al-Juhani بكر بن حارثة الجهني
  • Bakr bin Habeeb al-Hanafi بكر بن حبيب الحنفي
  • Bakr bin Hadhlam al-Asadi بكر بن حذلم الأسدي
  • Bakr bin al-Shuddakh al-Laithi بكر بن الشداخ الليثي
  • Bakr bin Abdullah bin al-Rabee` al-Ansari بكر بن عبد الله بن الربيع الأنصاري
  • Bakr bin Abdullah بكر بن عبد الله
  • Bakr bin Mubshir bin Khair al-Ansari al-Awsi بكر بن مبشر بن خير الأنصاري الأوسي

Below is the name Bakr written in Arabic naskh script:

Below is the name Bakr written in Arabic kufi script:


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