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Bilal (Name)

Bilal (transliteration: Bilāl, Arabic: بلال) is an Arabic name for boys that means “that which quenches thirst”, meaning a wholesome and pure water, cold milk or other drink.123

Bilal is also spelled Bilaal.

There are 11 Companions of the Prophet Muhammad named Bilal, including his famous Companion Bilal ibn Rabah:

  • Bilal bin Uhaihah بلال بن أحيحة
  • Bilal al-Ansari بلال الأنصاري
  • Bilal bin Bulail bin Uhaihah بلال بن بليل بن أحيحة
  • Bilal bin al-Harith بلال بن الحارث
  • Bilal bin al-Harith bin Bujair بلال بن الحارث بن بجير
  • Bilal bin Hamamah بلال بن حمامة
  • Bilal bin Rabah بِلال بن رباح
  • Bilal bin Sa`d بلال بن سعد
  • Bilal bin Malik al-Muzani بِلال بن مالك المزني
  • Bilal al-Fazari بلال الفزاري
  • Bilal bin Yahya بلال بن يحيى

Below is the name Bilal written in Arabic naskh script:

Below is the name BIlal written in Arabic kufi script:


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