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Budail (Name)

Budail (transliteration: Budayl, Arabic: بديل) is an Arabic name for boys that means “substitute”, “replacement”, something or someone that stands in the stead of another.123 Budail also means “honorable”, “respected”.4 Figuratively, the name can mean “a child whose birth is consolation for a loss”.

  • Budail bin Warqaa’ bin Abd al-Uzzaa بُديل بن ورقاء بن عبد العزّى
  • Budail ibn Abi Maryam بديل ابن ابي مريم
  • Budail (last name unknown) بُديل غير منسوب
  • Budail bin Salamah bin Umm Asram بديل بن سلمة بن أم أصرم
  • Budail bin Amr al-Khatmi al-Ansari بديل بن عمرو الخطمي الأنصاري
  • Budail bin Abd Manaf bin Salamah بديل بن عبد مناف بن سلمة
  • Budail bin Kulthum bin Salim al-Khuza`i بديل بن كلثوم بن سالم الخزاعي

Below is the name Budail written in Arabic naskh script:

Below is the name Budail written in Arabic kufi script:


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