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Buraida (Name)

Buraida (transliteration: Burayda, Arabic: بريدة) is an Arabic name for boys and girls that means “little burda1. The burda is a type of Arabian garment famous for being worn by Prophet Muhammad . The British scholar W. E. Lane describes the burda as follows:

...the modern بردة, in every case in which I have seen it, I have observed to be an oblong piece of thick woollen cloth, generally brown or of a dark or ashy dust-colour, and either plain, or having stripes so narrow and near together as to appear, at a little distance, of one colour; used both to envelop the person by day and as a night-covering: the بردة of Mohammad is described as about seven feet and a half in length, and four and a half in width, and in colour either أَخْضَر or أَحْمَر, i. e. of a dark or ashy dust-colour or brown...2

Buraida is also spelled Burayda, Bureida, Bureyda, Buraidah, Boraidah and Buraydah among others.

There are three Companions of the Prophet Muhammad named Buraida. The first two are male, the third one is female:

  • Buraida bin al-Husaib al-Aslami بُريدة بن الحُصيب الأسلمي
  • Buraida bin Sufyan al-Aslami بُريدة بن سفيان الأسلمي
  • Buraida bint Bishr bin al-Harith بردة بنت بشر بن الحارث

Below is the name Buraida written in Arabic naskh script:

Below is the name Buraida written in Arabic kufi script:


  1. Buraida is the diminutive form of burda, see Al-Muṭarrizī, al-Mughrib fī Tartīb al-Muʿrib (d. 1213 CE), برد.
  2. Arabic-English Lexicon by Edward William Lane (d. 1876), برد.
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