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IslamQA: Can a Muslim pray where Hindu idols are kept?

Assalamalaikum, My question is Can I offer prayer in a room where Hindu idols are kept? I am a student staying in a hostel and sharing my room with my Hindu friend. And, I don't face the idols while praying as it is kept on another side and I don't get distracted. I can't even cover the idols because it's not my personal room. Is my prayer valid? or is it Haram? and I also heard that Angels of mercy do not enter in such room. Kindly clarify on this…I really need an authentic clarification on this….Jazzal Allah Khairan !!!

The Prophet prayed inside the Kaba while it still had idols inside it, which shows that this is permitted. Some scholars also permit praying inside churches where there are religious icons (which are considered holy and are somewhat similar to idols from the Islamic view).

So praying in that place should not be an issue. Regarding angels not entering such a room, some scholars believe that it only applies to the angels of revelation that come to prophets. This likely has no relevance to an ordinary Muslim’s daily life.


And God knows best.
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