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IslamQA: Can faith in God help you succeed in your studies even if you do not study enough?

Assalamualaikum,is it possible if someone has studied hard but probably not enough,but has full faith towards Allah to be a successful person?

Alaikumassalam wa rahmatullah,

Even if you do all the right things to be successful, “chance” or God’s decree (qadar) can make you unsuccessful. And even if you get everything wrong, God can still give you success. This is known as fatalism, the belief that nothing you do matters because you are not in charge anyway.

Islam’s view is not fatalism but what might be called dynamism. All of life is a conversation between you and God. You do something, God responds with something. You exert your sincere effort, God adds His own power and facilitation to it so that you end up being successful even though your effort wasn’t exactly enough. God is your rabb (master and mentor) who does not merely lord it over you asking you to do things for Him. He mentors you by constantly offering you choices and seeing what you do. If you live up to the highest ideals that He teaches you, He will reward you by raising your station in life and giving you a blessed and meaningful life.

So you are required to do your best while relying on God to help you whenever you fall short.

And God knows best.
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