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IslamQA: Can you go to the mosque for prayer without calling first?

Assalamu alaykum, I am the Anglo-American convert that messaged a few days ago about my heartbreak. Thank you for your advice. I have been reading the Qur’an daily again (something I lapsed in doing). I want to get involved with my local community center, but am fearful to be shunned due to the color of my skin, as was the case with my partners family rejecting me. May I just go for Friday prayer, or should I call first and ask the Sheikh? (I’m still learning how to pray properly also)

Alaikumassalam wa rahmatullah,

I am really sorry that you had such a bad experience. Think of going to the mosque as similar to going to the library. No one cares who you are and what you look like. I have pale skin and blond hair and people sometimes mistake me for a European. I’ve never had any issues with other Muslims here in the US. They’ve all been extremely kind and accepting. You can go to Friday prayer (and you should, it’s obligatory on men), and like I said, it’s like going to the library. 

Best wishes.

And God knows best.
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