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IslamQA: Children who remember past lives

Salam! Could you please watch the YT video called '10 Mysterious Kids Who Remember Their Past Lives' and explain how this phenomenon is explained from an Islamic point of view? Do you think there are jinn involved?

Alaikumassalam wa rahmatullah,

I have read about that, and there was this very interesting Reddit discussion where people mentioned their children remembering past lives. One child remembered someone’s plane crash who lived in a different state and had no relationship with their family.

Islam as far as I know has nothing explicit to tell us about this phenomenon. We believe our souls exist outside the universe. This is the only way to have free will, if we were parts of the universe we would have always responded to our instincts. But by having souls that are outside the universe, the souls can make brand new decisions that have nothing to do with their circumstances. So even if everything around us makes us want to commit a crime, we always maintain a bit of independence that enables us to overcome these forces and avoid the crime. So maybe these souls that exist outside the universe have a way of communicating together that we don’t know about.

And God knows best.
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