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IslamQA: Do Muslims believe in karma?

Hi, the Quran does it mention karma?

If you are referring to the technical meaning of karma as in Hinduism and Buddhism, meaning that your past lives affect your present life, then that is not part of Islam and no such concept is mentioned in the Quran since we do not believe in the transmigration of soul.

But if you are using karma in its informal sense (meaning destiny and fate, i.e. your bad deeds lead to bad consequences down the road and good deeds to good consequences), then that is an essential part of the Quran’s teachings. We believe that God is in charge of fate but that our goodness or wickedness determines the type of fate He will send our way. So, for example, if you are kind to someone today, we believe that this will lead to good consequences in your life some time in the future. If we are cruel, we will suffer cruelty in a different context. This is very similar to “karma” the way some people understand it.

And God knows best.
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2 years ago

Wait but I thought karma was just the consequence of the evil you have done (not in ur past life since we dont belive in reincarnation) taking effect on you
The quran says in surah jathiya verse 33
It also says in surah shura,” for every evil deed is an evil deed like it …..”
So like if u wrong someone and then something bad will happen to u if u dont ask for forgiveness from god or from the person u wronged
It doesnt have to be specifically that u wronged someone in ur past life and now in this life u r born without a hand or as an animal

2 years ago

Sorry my bad I didnt read the full thing before asking
I got my answer:)