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IslamQA: Does Izzah mean slave girl?

I have seen in many sites that izzah means might and power.but in some sites and name apps they provided that izzah means slave girl ..with a note (daughter of Umar Bin mumal was named jariya..before he had become Muslim she was the slave of Umar(ra) and he used to trash her very harshly that she might revoke Islam ..but she ddnt and finally he himself become a Muslim ..) does izzah really mean slave girl??how that note related to this name ? I have heated that in Islam izzah is one of the familiar word with the meaning honour.. Pls rply … We want to choose the name if it doesn’t mean slave girl ..or can us choose the name ?

I have looked at the Arabic dictionaries and as far as I can find there is no relationship at all between the word izzah and slavery. It looks like those sites copied that information from the SearchTruth website which in the past showed the meaning of Izzah as “slave girl” (apparently by mistake). Most baby name websites copy their information from SearchTruth. But currently SearchTruth appears to have corrected this error, so now it shows only “Power, Might” as the meaning of Izzah:

So I wouldn’t worry about those sites. The name Izzah is clearly “power” and “might” and this is what all of the respected Arabic dictionaries show.

And God knows best.
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