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IslamQA: Feeling lonely and incomplete despite praying and reading Quran

I have a hole in my heart and I try to fill it with any attachments with anyone or even watching a tv or some series ,, I pray and I read QuranI but I still feel the hole all the time which make me attach to people and then break my heart,, what can I do?!

Humans are social creatures and need the love and support of their fellow humans. Almost no one can make religion replace this. Religion is not there to be a replacement for your humanity, it is there to reform it. None of the Prophets, peace be upon them, lived in loneliness and isolation. They were surrounded by loving families and friends.

What you seem to need is more human contact and love. You will invariably suffer letdowns and disappointments, but that is in the nature of this world. There is no way to buy an insurance policy against suffering. Regardless of what we do, we will invariably go through periods of hardship and period of ease, periods of feeling loved and periods of feeling abandoned. Spirituality can help provide a balancing factor that prevents the changes and hardships of life from overwhelming you, but it cannot stop you from being influenced by them.

What you can do is continue praying and reading Quran, and when suffering comes your way, accept it as God’s decree and know that it will not last forever.

And God knows best.
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