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IslamQA: Getting over the loss of a loved one

As Muslims how should we grieve for a loved one that’s passed away. My grandmother returned to Allah on the 9th and I cannot stop crying. I can barely get out of bed in the morning and can’t seem to get on with daily life. No matter how much praying, dua and telling myself she’s gone to a better place I just can’t seem to feel better. She’s all I’ve be thinking about and just wish I could be with her, I’m utterly heartbroken.

I’m so sorry about your loss. When we lose someone important in our lives, our brains have to reorganize and rebuild our sense of self anew, since how we felt about everyone and everything around us relied on the presence of that person. This process takes months or years. The way to speed it up I believe is to focus your attention on the other people in your life, to socialize more and find new things to do with your time (such as volunteering).

May Allah ease things for you.

And God knows best.
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