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IslamQA: Her intended does not want to pay for the honeymoon

Assalamualaikum, I am getting married very soon, and we are planning for our honeymoon. So, anyway, I know one of the responsibilities of man is to provide a safe place for his wife to stay. am i right? but, recently, we wanted to book the hotel for our honeymoon. and suddenly, my man asked me to pay for it. I was shocked. I thought he was supposed to provide me the place to stay as its part of his Nafkah? He insists saying providing a place for our honeymoon isnt his nafkah and responsibilities

Alaikumassalam wa rahmatullah,

It is very strange that he should say that. It sounds like you have very different ideas about marriage. You should try to get on the same page and clarify these issues, or reconsider the marriage if you discover that he is just irresponsible or ignorant about the way marriage works in Islam. It is also possible that he may be having financial difficulty and hoping that your paying for the honeymoon could ease his burden.

Maybe he expects you to contribute your money to the marriage rather than being solely responsible for finances. But if that is the case then he should make it completely clear to you, and it will only be accepted in Islam if it is with your full knowledge and willingness.

Try to get to know what his thinking is and based on that maybe you can decide whether you are happy with the type of marriage he has in mind.

And God knows best.
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