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IslamQA: How do I balance between being a programmer and a writer?

Hi,this maybe not an question asking about islam,but i am quite interested about how you manage your time between becoming a programmer and writer. I am deeply inspired and amazed by your writings as it shows your erudition. I would also like to know how you learned programming. Thank you

I do not have a 9 to 5 job. I do contract software engineering on a project basis while my main income relies on an online business I built years ago that requires little day-to-day work. This alhamdulillah gives me a lot of free time to read and study. My writing ability comes from reading a great deal of books since my teenage years. Most of the books are listed on my about page. If you want to be a good writer, my advice is to read a great deal, especially Victorian classics and scholarly works on Islam and other topics as listed on my about page.

I learned programming at the beginning from a course I took in college which taught JavaScript. That gave me a foundation for continuing my learning on my own. Since then I have read many books on JavaScript, SQL and other languages. But the most important part of my learning came from practice. I was put in charge of my college newspaper’s WordPress website which forced me to learn some PHP in order to perform programming tasks. That in turn led me to create my own WordPress sites like IslamicArtDB which required a great deal of learning.

If you to learn programming, after learning the basics the most important thing is practice. You need projects to work on. My projects were all Islamic websites and others like

And God knows best.
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