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IslamQA: How to change corrupt cultures

How do we change something bad that is deeply practised in a culture? Like a culture that encourages corruption,graft,bribery and etc. Besides that,is it possible that countries that rarely get struck by natural disasters make its citizens lazy and indolent?

According to social scientists, individualism is highly correlated with non-corruption. Almost all of the world’s populations are becoming more individualistic, so this process is likely to help reduce corruption. Individualist citizens demand respect from their governments and public servants, and this is going to increase their opposition to corruption.

Speaking of Muslims specifically, besides the increase in individualism, the increase in literacy and education is also likely to help reduce corruption. Educated Muslims are going to appreciate Islam’s ideals more and will likely try harder to implement these ideals in their lives. Educating Muslims about Islam is therefore likely to greatly help in spreading its ideals.

As for natural disasters, that is entirely wrong. Western Europe might be the safest place in the world when it comes to natural disasters. Whether it is earthquakes, floods, or hurricanes, Western Europe rarely suffers any of these.

And God knows best.
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