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IslamQA: If God does not make mistakes, why does He allow homosexuals to exist?

If Allah created everything he surely did not make mistakes. For he is perfect and all knowing. If Allah knows everything why would he deny a homosexual? Did Allah not create that person to be that way? you are born that way. If Allah brought you into this world why would man tell you, you need to change who u are to be closer to Allah. Muslism women cant vote or go to school. Thats not Allahs will, he warned of the shaytaan and deceptions. Allah loves all and accepts all. We are all the same

There are people who are born psychopaths, meaning that they can take great joy from making others suffer and even from killing them. The fact that this natural desire exists in them does not make it OK. If God brought you into this world to enjoy murder, does that mean you get a free pass to do it?

And the fact that a man may have a very strong natural desire for another man’s wife does not make it morally OK for him to act on this desire. The desire is natural, but he is required to control it for the greater good of everyone else.

The idea that God “does not make mistakes” is irrelevant. He created a universe where all kinds of extremely harmful natural desires and natural aberrations from the norm can exist (such as congenital abnormalities that make life miserable for some people). The conclusion should be that God intentionally created these things as a test. God does not “nanny” nature to make sure nothing ever deviates from the norm; He allows it to happen and leaves it to us to deal with it. For more on this see my essays:

Why God Allows Evil to Exist, and Why Bad Things Happen to Good People

Reconciling Islam and Darwinian Evolution: Al-Ghazali’s Matrix and the Divine Template

Similarly, in the animal world the killing of infants is very common among certain species. Male lions, for example, regularly kill the cubs that have been sired by other lions. The fact that this is perfectly natural and biologically beneficial among lions does not make it OK among humans.

For this reason the transgender activist Joan Roughgarden (who was a male who changed to a female) states many times in her book Evolution’s Rainbow that just because something is natural it does not make it moral. While her book is entirely dedicated to defending homosexuality and transgenderism, she makes it clear time and again that morality and nature are separate and that we should not take our moral ideas from what is natural.

So if the greater good of society is served by restricting homosexual relationships, then such restrictions make sense whether such relationships are natural or not. Similarly, while it is natural for people to desire sex outside of marriage, for the good of themselves and society they are required to suppress these desires. For a discussion of why Islam suppresses homosexuality see:

The Philosophical Reason why Homosexual Relationships are “Wrong”

And God knows best.
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