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IslamQA: Is a marriage valid without a wedding party in Islam?

Salaam. I wanted to kindly ask of you, my brother, if in Islam a couple who wishes to marry requires a wedding party for their wedding to be valid? In my culture in Indonesia, we are famous for arranging a lavish wedding party (some of them reported went in debt to do so), but I'm not one to be able to afford that. If me and my future spouse (in sya Allah) wants to get married, but we agree to not arrange a wedding party, would Islam still consider our marriage? Jazakallah.

Alaikumassalam wa rahmatullah,

All that is needed for a marriage to be valid is the woman’s guardian saying “[woman’s name] is your wife” in the presence of two witnesses and the husband-to-be saying “I accept her as a wife”. That’s it. There is no Islamic requirement for a ceremony or party, but it is strongly recommended to make weddings public so that everyone around you knows you are married. This can be done over social media.

And God knows best.
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