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IslamQA: Is Allah a moon god?

Salaam Aleyckum, do you ever heard about Allah is a moon god ( استغفر الله) ? I read articles and watch on YouTube some videos who talk about that .

Alaikumassalam wa rahmatullah,

That is just a theory promoted by some Christians and rejected by better scholars. From Wikipedia:

On the basis that the Kaaba was Allah’s house, but the most important idol within it was that of Hubal, Julius Wellhausen considered Hubal to be an ancient name for Allah.

The claim that Hubal is a moon god derives from the early twentieth century German scholar Hugo Winckler. David Leeming describes him as a warrior and rain god, as does Mircea Eliade.

More recent authors emphasise the Nabataean origins of Hubal as a figure imported into the shrine, which may have already been associated with Allah. Patricia Crone argues that “If Hubal and Allah had been one and the same deity, Hubal ought to have survived as an epithet of Allah, which he did not. And moreover there would not have been traditions in which people are asked to renounce the one for the other.”

Allah was never represented by an idol.

The theory is promoted by Christians who like to suggest that Muslims are really pagans who worship a false God different from the God of Judaism/Christianity. There is really nothing to say to such people. They are not respectable scholars trying to find the truth. They start with the conclusion that Muslims must be pagans, then try to find evidence to support that claim and ignore that vast literature of Islamic theology that defends God’s oneness and transcendence.

And God knows best.
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