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IslamQA: Is it haram or sinful to spend money on movies?

Salam, I heard a lecture it said going to the movies is bad because you are wasting your money and you will be accountable for such a thing. What are your thoughts? Jzk

Alaikumassalam wa rahmatullah,

Spending money on entertainment is not forbidden, so spending money on a wholesome movie is not forbidden in itself and it is wrong to call it a waste. It is similar to spending extra money on tasty food instead of keeping your money and only choosing cheap foods. Islam does not forbid you from enjoying yourself every now and then as long as this is not taken to an extreme. 

But when it comes to Hollywood movies, there is an unrelated problem with spending money on them which is the fact that you would be contributing to the profits of a corrupt and abusive system and helping it continue what it does. So it is more ethical to avoid supporting Hollywood as much as you can. The same applies to spending money on any other thing that supports corrupt corporations and systems. Going to the occasional Hollywood movie is not a big deal, but ideally we should avoid them and spend our money in more wholesome ways. 

And God knows best.
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2 years ago

salam w alaikum, i bought something i’ve wanted for 2 years but it is expensive and my dad said its wasting my money and it is haram but i’ve already ordered the item so is it haram if i really desired to buy the item itself?