Islam & Spirituality

December 2020
She promised Allah not to talk to him then broke her promise
Can you read the Quran on a smartphone without wudu?
The stance of mainstream Sunni Islam on Sufism: Can you be Sunni and Sufi at the same time?
January 2020
The Quranic and hadith evidence for prohibiting touching non-mahrams
Is life insurance permissible in Islam?
Were Atatürk’s changes in Turkey un-Islamic?
On getting close to Allah
On masturbating due to the unavailability of one’s spouse
On Muhammad Shahrur
How to stay hopeful when Muslims are so weak and subjugated
Are children and teens permitted to dye their hair?
Can menstruating women read the Quran from a smartphone app?
Is there any support in the Quran or Sunna for prohibiting women from delivering Friday sermons?
He hurt his close female friend by breaking off their friendship
Commentary on verse 49:11 of the Quran (Surat al-Hujurat)
Are Ahmadis/Ahmadiyyas Muslims?
On medical practices mentioned in hadith and foods mentioned in the Quran
Is facing the qibla necessary for ghusl and wudu?
On carry on with life when depressed
Are failed relationships due to qadar or predestination?
Is it permitted for a woman to go on umra without a mahram?
Is it wrong to judge a friend for their behavior?
December 2019
Dealing with someone who doesn’t pray because he thinks he has enough good deeds already
Dealing with parents who favor their other children
Dealing with a toxic family
Is talaq (divorce) valid if the husband hasn’t paid the full mahr?
How to calculate the last third of the night for performing tahajjud
What does it mean that everything is from Allah? Does it include evil?
Did God forgive Adam for disobeying Him?
What kind of jewelry material is halal for men?
Islam and nationalism
How to overcome guilt over major sins such as committing zina (sexual activity outside of marriage)
Are nose septum piercings allowed in Islam?
Is it permissible to eat meat cooked alongside pork?
Keeping up the motivation to pray during cold weather
Can Muslims go to church and listen to the prayers?
On overcoming dislike for family members and relatives
Does Islam ask us to sacrifice good sleep and productivity for worship?
Is supermarket cheese halal? How to find halal cheese
Is it permitted to use interest to save for marriage or college?
Does God burden humans with more than they can bear?
Is depression a character flaw or weakness if it interferes with Islamic duties?
Does the Quran say Judgment Day will be in 1000 years of our reckoning?
Does it make you a bad Muslim to have doubts about Islam?
How to be hard on yourself and easy on others
Is looking at celebrity pictures spying?
Is it permitted for Muslims to enjoy Christmas songs?
Are savings accounts halal if you give away the interest in charity?
Can we give sadaqa (alms) to non-Muslims?
Can women do dhikr without hijab?
How long does maghrib last?
The Islamic view of the Netflix series The Messiah (Dajjal)
Is meat from Christians halal?
The proper way to sit during salah and where to gaze during tashahhud
Is it bad to get doubts about Islam?
Is it permitted to listen to Christmas songs?
Meaning of taqwa
Is it permitted to recite Quran on graves?
Is it permissible for a daughter to dislike her father?
Should parents scold a child who doesn’t pray?
How to know which Islamic banks to trust
The story of how I met my wife
Children who remember past lives
When will end times be according to Islam?
Is it easier to be a faithful Muslim in the Middle East?
Can you go to the mosque for prayer without calling first?
Meaning of “a husband’s brother is like death”
Some reasons why Muslim women cannot marry non-Muslims
Is the best salah the longest?
What kind of person deserves Hell in Islam?
Can women go to umra without a mahram?
Should a wife obey a husband who doesn’t support her financially?
Dealing with heartbreak
Can one pray in bed or through writing?
Does sujood al-shukr require wudu / ablution?
Is it permitted to put flowers on graves?
Dealing with a Muslim father and husband who watches pornography
Where to start when studying Islam for the first time
Why I believe the Quran is truly from God
Losing hope in life due to depression
Is it backbiting to tell a friend or doctor about people’s wrongs and abuses?
A Muslim girl who dislikes housework and wishes to take care of herself until marriage instead
Can we gift the Quran to non-Muslims?
Mindfulness in Islam
Is seeking scientific and empirical knowledge obligatory on Muslims?
Are atheists or mushriks (idolators) worse?
Is it permissible to pray for death?
Is it permissible to earn interest to give it away in charity?
Are humans just snippets of a book written by God?
Is it permissible to listen to music when someone has recently passed away?
On the authenticity of the hadith “if anything could overcome qadar/God’s decree”
November 2019
Triple talaq (divorce) counts as only one talaq
On being unable to read
Similarities between Islam and Buddhism
Is ghusl necessary every time one masturbates?
Can a Muslim woman be a pilot?
Is the hadith mentioning women as deficient in intelligence and faith authentic?
Dealing with daily work during fatigue and depression
Can jinns possess human beings?
Number of hadiths in the six major collections
Avoiding negative assumptions about people
On writers similar to C. S. Lewis
On today’s capitalist and materialistic making life as a Muslim more difficult
What made me decide to be a scholar? Can women be Islamic scholars?
Is alcohol in beauty products and make up haram?
Building mental toughness and will power
Is it permissible to gather to eat and pray for a dead person?
Struggling with materialism as a Muslim
Will God have no mercy or rewards for a woman who does not wear the hijab?
Is it haram to not speak with your father for the rest of your life?
Benefiting from a parent’s haram income
Repenting from not speaking with a fellow Muslim for more than three days
The Islamic view of cutting ties with a stepfather
What is the wisdom in mahr (dower) and how much should a woman ask?
Can newlyweds use birth control?
Why did God create depression and anxiety?
Getting over the loss of a loved one
Dealing with a narcissistic mother
An astrologer predicted the future accurately for their mother
Self-love in Islam: Is loving yourself an Islamic teaching?
Do Jews believe in the same God as Muslims?
Being Muslim and antisocial
The ruling on praying while bleeding or with blood on clothing
Sleeping with feet pointing toward a book of Quran
Can a brother and sister sleep in the same bed?
Can ghusl be delayed after intercourse?
Is secularism haram?
Who is right: Early Islamic scholars who praise fighting and martyrdom, or modern ones who denounce war?
Is it permitted in Islam to kiss a person of the opposite sex you’re not married to?
Can Muslims shop at the Salvation Army or other Christian stores?
Can we make dua for specific things?
Can Muslims use utensils in which pork or alcohol were cooked or stored?
Should Muslims always obey their parents’wishes?
Modern examples of Muslims being munafiqs (hypocrites)
On distrusting people after bad experiences and heartbreak
Is it sinful to curse or swear when startled or angry?
A Christian who enjoys reading the Quran
Are we patient if we complain silently to God?
Is it sinful to be picky about whom you befriend?
Are hadiths not in Sahih al-Bukhari and Muslim less authentic?
When does religious belief become toxic?
Will all disbelievers go to jahanam for eternity?
Are selfies sinful or haram for women?
Listening to the Quran as a replacement for music
Is it sinful to wear the hijab only sometimes?
What is the root of all evil?
Is it a sin to leave slippers upturned?
Dealing with hurtful comments
Meaning of “they deem every shout to be against them” in the Quran
Is it wrong to reject low-quality hadiths in case they are authentic?
Are skincare products with animal ingredients haram?
Do Muslims have to stick to one madhhab?
Is whitening teeth permitted in Islam?
Struggling to leave Christianity for Islam
Donating to charity while being in debt in Islam
The Islamic stance on writing novels
Why did Abu Bakr RA say musical instruments are Satan’s?
On avoiding anger and dislike when arguing with people about religion
My opinion on the site
Why can’t Muslim women lead prayers?
Is reciting the 3 quls and making dua obligatory before sleep?
What are the best duas?
A friend is suffering from mysterious night chills and aches
Women may attend distant universities without a mahram
On the vast memories of past Islamic scholars
October 2019
On getting depressed about the state of Islam and Muslims
Should women perform ghusl after masturbation?
The hadith that commands to kill homosexuals is a weak hadith
Islam’s approach to child brides and pedophilia
How to repent from major sins
What minor sins can turn into major sins?
Does God send us signs to help us with decisions?
Do all the mushrikeen go to eternal hell?
Do Muslim women need a mahram to go on a journey?
Islam and academic plagiarism
Recovering from fellow Muslims making you dislike Islam
Is it written for us which person we will marry?
She fears no man will find her attractive
How to repent from intentionally missing Ramadan fasts
She rejected a suitor because she likes another man
Is it permitted for Muslim women to wear hipster and other styles of clothing?
Defining modesty in clothing in Islam
Difficulty in praying due to a mental block
Wanting to move away from parents
Is it haram to have a crush?
They had a worrying dream in which someone they love was being hurt
Is it haram to be an actress or YouTuber?
Purgatory in Islam
When our wish comes true, how can we be sure that God answered our prayer?
On my hadith verification calculator
Are terrorist attacks sanctioned in Islam as jihad?
Taking pills to prevent pregnancy without telling the husband
Why I don’t believe in the Mahdi
Should we put religion above humanity or humanity above religion?
How to pray when classes get in the way
Question about the science of hadith
Islam vs. Solipsism
Hanging out with a person of the opposite sex without doing anything haram
How to not be attached to the world and yet socialize?
English books for learning about hadith
The Quran says early generations will be near to God, how can we make it into that few?
Is a marriage valid without a wedding party in Islam?
Does God perform miracles today?
Are terrorist attacks sanctioned as jihad by Islam?
On my hadith probability calculation method
How can we be sure if our prayers were answered when a wish comes true?
Islam and purgatory
Is it haram to become an actress or YouTuber?
They keep worrying about a dream they had
Is it haram to have a crush on a man?
Advice on missing someone after a breakup
They want to move away from their unsatisfactory family
She wants to pray but cannot make herself
Dealing with not being liked
Dealing with trust issues in Islam
Can you make dua in ruku position?
Building social skills
Islam and the fate of isolated tribes and civilizations
Is it permissible to use a credit card to build credit?
Why does Islam permit cousin marriage?
Does the Quran advocate reading?
Can Muslim women be air force pilots?
Can Muslim women be airline pilots?
If homosexuality is against nature, why do animals engage in it?
Islam and reincarnation
How do I face difficulties in life?
Is it permissible to read the Quran without wudu and when menstruating?
September 2019
What type of illness do I have?
How does one maintain a strong faith in God?
Which one is better: tahajjud or qiyam al-layl?
Why does Allah let some people suffer so much?
Is it permissible to marry someone if we do not love them?
Islam and GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms)
Can you pray nightly prayers (tahajjud) if you do not pray other sunnah prayers?
Ways to improve the Muslim community
Curing jealousy in Islam
How should a moderate Muslim treat conservative, liberal and Islamist Muslims?
Does bleeding from the body invalidate ablution (wudu)?
Are women required to cover their hands in prayer (salah)?
Raise children as Muslims, or let them choose their own path?
Muslim alternatives to savings accounts
Are Muslims forbidden from making deals with Jews?
What do I want from life?
How to focus better on dhikr or prayer
Is wine vinegar or balsamic vinegar halal?
Is lack of hardship a sign that God does not love you?
Caught between Catholicism and agnosticism
Is salah valid if the first tahiyya/tashahhud is forgotten?
Can we ask God for small things as well as great?
Do Muslims believe in establishing a caliphate?
Making art that serves God as a Muslim
Is it a sin to feel sorry for yourself?
Should we worship God out of love or fear and desire?
Is using cash-backs permitted in Islam?
Sharing complaints with others rather than God
Avoiding self-pity as a Muslim
An Islamic view of postmodernism
What creationists get wrong
Dealing with life’s stress and fast pace as a Muslim
Can one do good deeds on behalf of non-Muslims?
Does Islam oppose poetry?
Is it permitted to recite Quran or dhikr in the bathroom?
Major and minor sins in Islam
Islam and creating manga
She is attracted to a married man
August 2019
Is it haram to have a platonic boyfriend or girlfriend?
Is ghusl necessary if there is no ejaculation?
Should we advise others to avoid sin if it may bother them?
Can you continue praying tahajjud if you forget it sometimes?
Why is shirk the greatest sin?
Why did God create humans?
The Islamic ruling on bowing to show respect
On my not answering questions
Will a married couple be punished if they had premarital sexual intimacy?
Is dua mandatory before prayer (salah)?
Question on her having a male friend
My writing process
Being a Muslim, tomboy and lesbian
Does the Quran say sperm comes from the belly?
The price of asking God for a meaningful life
The point of life in Islam
What should a Muslim without a mentor do?
What are the things we can pray for?
Islam and gender reassignment surgery
On the signs of the end of the world
On praying for God’s mercy for yourself only
On betrayal from a friend
July 2019
On the hadiths mentioning camel urine as a medicine
Being a good Muslim gets easier after 25
Does the jizya tax apply in the modern world?
On directing one’s passions to serve God
On feeling that God does not help or care about humanity
She has difficulty resisting masturbation
Is it bad to be reclusive as a Muslim?
On not regretting a sin
On celebrity crushes
Are the Prophet’s parents in the Hellfire?
The difference between kafir and mushrik
Saying takbirat after the imam is a sunna
On Prophet Lot offering his daughters to rapists
On avoiding wasting time
Can non-Quraysh be a leader of Muslims?
Why do Muslims follow different madhhabs?
Why are there different versions of tashahhud?
Answers about Islam and misogyny
Why do humans always need to believe in something?
On the use of pseudoscience to defend Islam
Is there a dua for getting married?
Does smiling or laughter break wudu?
Why are there multiple methods for moving the finger during tashahhud?
Why men and women have different gender roles in Islam
The Problem with Quranism
Are we responsible if we influence others to sin?
How to have the motivation to finish things
How to have barakah (blessings) in all aspects of our life?
On technocracy
On the saying that Satan is the teacher of Muslims without shaykhs
Islam and pre-wedding photography
June 2019
On the “Law of Attraction”
Making up fasts after repentance, missed due to lack of knowledge
Is it permissible for Muslims to celebrate secular festivals?
How to change corrupt cultures
How to start studying philosophy
On fearing loss of faith in a non-Muslim country
Can a Muslim woman leave her house without the permission of her husband?
Is it permissible for a woman to be the head of state in Islam?
Is it forbidden to sleep after the asr prayer?
Can a woman take off the hijab for an online suitor?
Is it permissible for Syeds to marry non-Syeds?
Is dawah obligatory on every Muslim?
How to learn Quranic Arabic
On political correctness
On nail polish and ablution
Converting to Islam against parents’ wishes
The permissibility of wiping off wudu water
Can I consider Allah as my friend?
Forex and stock trading in Islam
Do blood tests or donating blood nullify the fast?
On artists who build shrines to their characters
If a mentally unstable person commits suicide, will they be punished by God?
Why is Islam opposed to homosexuality when it “harms no one”?
Productivity tips
The separation of church and state in Islam
If God does not make mistakes, why does He allow homosexuals to exist?
Reciting al-Baqara so the home does not become a graveyard
She wants to convert to Islam while enjoying her bisexual lifestyle
OCD is making their practice of Islam difficult
The ruling on women riding alone in a taxi car or on a motorcycle
On the Prophet PBUH cursing those who cross-dress
Should you repeat the salah if you forget a raka?
Can you be a good Muslim woman without wearing the hijab?
Repenting from using magic
Having long nails in Islam
Should women cover their feet during prayer (salah)?
How to determine the end of menstruation in Islam
Wanting to be good but having bad instincts
How to make up a Ramadan fast broken due to masturbation
Can you donate cash you find on the street?
When lying is justified in Islam
She is hesitant to convert to Islam
How to know when it is time to convert to Islam
May 2019
Good deeds that benefit a dead person
Does dua change qadar?
The difference between devils and jinns
Is it hypocritical to perform salah when it feels like a burden?
Are women said to be created for men as helpers in the Quran?
Why do some people refuse to believe in global warming?
Dealing with an alcohol-drinking husband
The zakat of monthly income
Is it wrong to not be a traditionalist Muslim?
Is the reward for reading the Quran silently different than reciting it aloud?
Is it shirk to believe in healing crystals?
What is the best time to perform witr?
Is listening to music sinful when fasting?
Will God answer the prayers of a woman who does not wear the hijab?
Why do Muslims have to shower after sexual intercourse?
Laylatul qadr for menstruating women
The ruling on using lotions that contain alcohol
Why does the Muslim world no longer fight colonization?
The proper way to position feet when sitting in salah
What to do if you forgot to perform a sajda in salah?
The difference between religion and ideology
If Islam believes in religious freedom, why does it call people to become Muslim?
What is an essay?
The right way to end an argument
Islam, ghosts, paranormal activity and jinns
The ruling on failing to make up missed fasts until the next Ramadan starts
The Quranic definition of Muslim, Jew, Christian, People of the Book, Believer and Kafir
What are the things that invalidate the fast?
Is there a reward for listening to the Quran without understanding?
Why do Muslims kiss the Black Stone?
Can a Muslim pray where Hindu idols are kept?
Does smoking and vaping break one’s fast?
Being plagued with fear of displeasing God and becoming misguided
How to dispose of human hair in Islam
What happens to the souls of animals after they die?
The Islamic ruling on watching movies
Getting tattoos as a Muslim
What to do when you feel distant from God
Does throwing up phlegm break the fast?
Is reading and acting upon the Quran better than memorizing it?
Wearing hijab with hearing aids
Why do Westerners think Islam is not progressive?
Can a Muslim also be a free thinker?
The ruling on using alcohol in cooking
The baby name Irsyad
On conspiracy theories
The baby name Tanzima
Is covering the hair necessary when reading the Quran?
The meaning of “Raad” in the Quran
Is the name Zayyan Ahnaf al Musawwir appropriate?
Name suggestion for a girl
Question about jobs for a “Sodiq”
The name Zohaan
Sea and water-related baby names
A daughter’s duty to financially support her parents
Why does God let us pray for blessings when they can harm us?
Is it obligatory to say a dua or make wudu before sleep?
The income of a father who works in a usurious bank
Responding to insults against the Prophet PBUH
Learning martial arts in mixed-sex company
Using the name “Niam” for boys
April 2019
The morality and immorality of sexual fantasies
Islam and the manners of sleeping
The difference between sexual fantasies and reading erotic novels
The name “Ahil Fasih”
The name “Layyah”
Name suggestion for parents named Tousif and Neha
The meaning of Anha
Waiting patiently for the end of hardship
The Islamic stance toward Israel and its Jews
The names Hamdan and Abdul Hamid
Islam and freedom of speech
Can a Muslim-majority country be run by a non-Muslim?
Is it permitted to read the Quran silently?
Feeling disdain for other Muslims
The Discovery of Paradise in Islam by Christian Lange
Being a night person as a Muslim
The ruling on working for non-Muslims
On the Arab Spring
Is it better to delay salah until you are in the mood for it?
The responsibility of the oldest child in Islam toward their family
What should one think about during salah?
The ruling on drinking ejaculate during oral sex
A Muslim who wants to only follow the Quran due to the contradictions in Hadith
What is the meaning of Sheenam?
What is the meaning of Zunaira?
Is the truth relative or absolute?
A born Muslim who does not want to follow any religion
Is witr like maghrib or not?
What is the meaning of the name “Arafat”?
Is it permissible to use the name “Wahhab” without “Abdul”?
Does God forgive sins if you keep repeating them?
How to stop feeling jealousy and envy
Is “Mumtahina” a good Islamic name?
Is it sinful to not have a beard or to do other makruh actions?
The Islamic ruling on donating corpses for scientific research
The Islamic ruling on cremation
Listening to the Quran
Is celebrating 15 of Shaban (Barat) a bida?
What do Muslims think of non-Muslims?
Who decides if a hadith is authentic or not?
Should you visit a friend who suffered a loss if you fear it will burden them?
On wanting to make someone convert to Islam
Does it matter to God what religion we embrace?
The foundations of morality in Islam: Reason or revelation?
Ibn al-Jawzi’s quote on combining opposites
What do jinns in dreams mean?
Is Allah a moon god?
Islam and downloading cracked software (piracy)
Who does “Woe to those who pray” refer to?
Why a Muslim should read or listen to the Quran for an hour every day
A village imam was found in a brothel
They cannot stop sinning despite their worship and feel like a hypocrite
Loving someone but sexually desiring another person
Is studying hard science a form of worship (ibada)?
Western vs. Asian mental abilities
Mentally disowning one’s family
Her father does not support the family because they receive welfare
Are disturbing dreams a sign of a bad character?
The Quran and black holes
Islam, vaccination and anti-vaccination
Islam and having boyfriends or girlfriends
Islam and LGBTQ+
Are all Muslims humanists?
Are Muslims permitted to work in Sharia-compliant banks?
The Islamic way to spend wealth: are luxuries permissible?
She needs ten hours of sleep every night
Skepticism and critical thinking in Islam
Feeling down and unable to do tasks
Islam, politics and political parties
Quantum theory and time travel in Islam
Is seeking knowledge better than worship?
She caught her divorced sister cheating with a married man
Is showering (ghusl) necessary after masturbation? (male and female)
Finding meaning in life when the most precious thing is taken away from you
More personal questions for Ikram Hawramani
Is there a difference between wearing hijab and abaya or loose shirts and pants?
What is your view on mental illness?
Is it haram to listen to music?
On controlling the impulse to masturbate
Should Muslims just stay away from manga and anime?
Islam and vegan extremists
Are virtual credit cards halal?
Growing out of a person
Some personal questions for Ikram Hawramani
Can you come back to Islam if you left the religion?
What is shirk (idolatry) in Islam?
What is the one right way to pray (perform salah)?
Is it permitted for a Muslim to translate mangas?
Is it permitted in Islam for male doctors to deliver babies?
Is it shirk (idolatry) to watch videos about ghosts, ouija and seances?
Is the fajr prayer valid if the sun rises while performing it?
Is a shower the same as ghusl? Is wudu necessary after ghusl?
The biography of Ibn al-Jawzi
How does one leave Islam?
He can’t stop using “goddess” as a compliment
Is swearing by God permitted in Islam? The ruling on breaking an oath or promise
The ruling on swearing by the Quran
Dealing with the meanness of people in Islam
How do you know the person is the one you should marry?
The chronology of the Quran
Books I recommend
Why should we ask God for guidance and purification if it makes our lives difficult?
My favorite book
What should one ask God for?
Praying on a car, bus or airplane (salah)
Making a Hawramani app
How do you face your fears?
How can I fix my relationship with my family?
Fixing people’s negative view of you due to your past deeds
Improving your relationship with your parents
Advice to my younger self
Islam and magic
Are we responsible for bad things that befall our families?
Does Izzah mean slave girl?
Islam and a husband’s rape of his wife
Birth control in Islam
How to think critically and creatively in solving problems
March 2019
It is permitted for Muslim women to marry if their guardian wrongfully prevents the marriage
Feeling useless and purposeless as a Muslim
Losing faith in yourself as a believer after failing many times
Wearing high heels is permitted in Islam
What my average working day looks like
“I feel like I failed God’s test”
Istikhara and dreams
How to be humble and sincere when doing good deeds
Is it haram to have lash extensions?
Do we have to pray sunnat that are and aren’t muakkada?
Are misfortunes punishments from God?
Is menstruation a punishment from God?
Should you open braids when doing ghusl?
How to focus better when praying (performing salah)
Is ruqya part of Islam? A study of the hadiths on ruqya using probability theory
Islam and hobbies
A woman’s worth does not depend on her accomplishments
Is ayahuasca haram?
Dealing with intrusive family members
Are there any books you would recommend?
On men and women having a partition between them at mosques
What is the correct way to preform ghusl?
Must you mention the prophet’s name after each dua?
Is it obligatory to repeat each dua 3 times?
How should females wipe their hair during wudu?
On how to stop masturbating
“Where are you from?”
Why do people get jealous?
How do you pray for someone who is ill?
It is permitted for Muslim women to work in the police force and the army
On being constantly scared of death and being hurt as a Muslim
Fasting in the month of Rajab
Gender dysphoria in Islam
Best friends and soulmates
Islam and meditation
Islam and telepathy
Where to start learning about Islam
Where to start your repentance after committing many sins
Protecting yourself from giving yourself the evil eye
The difference between a woman’s mani, mazi and wadi
Can a Muslim work at a place that serves pork or alcohol?
The rule on writing sexually explicit materials in Islam
How to know which scholarly opinions to follow in Islam
Should you wear the hijab before homosexual women?
How a Muslim should fight the harmful influences of Western movies, shows and music
Public interactions between the sexes in Islam
Stealing before puberty is not counted as a sin
Is it sunna to raise the index finger in tashahhud?
Is using healing crystals haram?
Is it disliked to study philosophy in Islam?
The Islamic view of being asexual
Dealing with a homosexual child in Islam
The Sunni stance toward Shia Muslims
February 2019
When life’s difficulties cause you to doubt God
Is it haram or sinful to spend money on movies?
Can a wife demand her owed living allowance after divorce?
Rolling sleeves and pants in prayer
Superficial knowledge versus true knowledge
Is it permitted to ask shaykhs for prayers?
Is it permitted to make a snowman in Islam?
Is it permitted in Islam to jokingly call others insulting names?
On God’s collective punishment for Thamud
Is neutering pets permitted in Islam?
Why is Jerusalem important to Muslims?
Why did God not create humans to be perfect?
Do you have to make up your missed fasts before Ramadan?
Her secret romantic relationship cured her depression
Has the Quran been changed?
The Islamic view of listening to Rihanna, Beyoncé and Adele
How does Islam view nationalism and patriotism?
Repeating prayers due to uncertainty about having performed them correctly
Do you need to face the qibla when making dua?
The Islamic cure for nihilism
Is Iran a truly Islamic government?
Dealing with Sufism making you feel arrogant and superior
If God loves us, why does He allow us to suffer?
Is it permitted to sing in the shower/bathroom?
Can you make wudu when your awra is visible?
How do I balance between being a programmer and a writer?
Was Abu Talib a Muslim?
How to get up for fajr prayer when you keep falling asleep after the alarm
Should you tell your fiance about your hymenoplasty?
If God is responsible for guidance, why are humans punished for being misguided?
The evidence for the permissibly of drawing and painting in Islam
What to do if you cannot pray on time at school or work
Does bleeding from the gum nullify wudu or fast?
Is it permitted to eat and drink while standing up?
Is alcohol in tinctures and drugs halal?
Feeling guilty about sexual fantasies
The ruling on breaking a fast that you are making up for Ramadan
Can you start praying before all the athans are finished?
Is it permitted to follow Sufi tariqas?
Can you read Quran on a computer or smartphone without wudu?
Can Muslims celebrate Valentine’s Day and Halloween?
The meaning of relying on God in Islam (tawakkul)
Can Muslims pray in a place that has statues and/or paintings?
Is Islam an ideology?
Is wearing fake eyelashes permitted in Islam?
Are men permitted to wear rings, bracelets, necklaces or earrings in Islam?
Why is abortion forbidden when it has to do with a woman’s personal choice?
Advice for Muslims who suffer from mental disorders
The Islamic view of following celebrity gossip
What are some good books on al-Ghazali?
Her mother is abusive toward her little sisters
The Islamic ruling on laser hair removal
The Islamic ruling on watching gay anime
A Muslim’s view of climate change
Do Muslims believe in karma?
Is it permitted for Muslims to work as lawyers of secular law?
Did Umar set fire to Ali and Fatima’s house?
Is it necessary for a Muslim to learn Arabic?
Does Islam restrict and oppress women?
Can a woman lead male family members in prayer if necessary?
On Lot’s wife
Are women permitted to take off the hijab if necessary for work?
The difference between sunna and nafl
Fearing that you will never find your true love
Muslim women are permitted to sing in public
She rejected a suitor due to uneasy gut feeling toward the man
On deciding which madhhab to follow and the multi-madhhab approach
Is raising the hands obligatory for dua?
Muslim women may bare their arms if necessary for work
Muslim women are permitted to work outside the home
January 2019
Is whistling permitted in Islam?
Why do Muslims use Jewish names?
Do you have to pray witr in order to pray tahajjud?
Can a Muslim enter Paradise if they do not pray?
30 years old, Muslim and hopeless about life
Should one support one’s mother or grandmother in a conflict?
Can you perform the prayer (salah) according to the Quran alone?
Why is there little mention of mental illness in Islam?
Do eye drops break the fast?
Should a person watch erotic videos to avoid sex outside of marriage?
The Islamic ruling on aborting a fetus after four months to save the mother’s life
Moving out against the mother’s wishes
On thinking that Muslims are ignorant and contribute little to science
Does referring to God as “He” sexualize Him as a male?
Seeking repentance from sins you have forgotten
Can you take breaks between prayers in Islam?
Can one take medications when fasting?
Is democracy permitted in Islam?
Explanation of verse 2:54 of the Quran
On believing that Islamic clerics have ruined Islam
How to return stolen money
What if a person’s sins are due to mental illness?
Is it blasphemous to imagine God not being male or female?
Are Mahdi and Dajjal authentic concepts?
Are women permitted to live on their own in Islam?
The simplest way to do a nikah according to Islamic law
Can a Muslim woman show her hair and body before a non-Muslim woman?
The hadith on the re-establishment of the Caliphate is unauthentic
Have I ever doubted parts of Islam?
Why Muslims becoming secularized is not a big problem
The Islamic ruling on reconstructing the hymen (hymenoplasty)
Is not praying worse than adultery?
What to do if certain Quranic verses and hadith narrations sound harsh or illogical to you
The ruling on watching uncovered women on television
How to begin practicing Islam
Sleeping on the stomach is not clearly forbidden or disliked in Islam
Is it permitted to use the student loan interest deduction?
Having friends who make fun of Islam
Eating with the left hand is permitted in Islam
Is it permitted for a Muslim woman to shave her head?
Is it permitted to pray for death in Islam?
The Islamic ruling on blowing on food to cool it
On failing to achieve something despite years of effort
How to achieve khushoo in salah
Her abusive parents make her feel depressed
Spending money on expensive mosques rather than the needy
The meaning of not taking Christians and Jews as allies in the Quran
Why are we supposed to control our sexual desires in Islam?
Her friend is said to suffer from “jinn possession”
Does being a Muslim make us better humans than non-Muslims?
Is it permitted to study astrology out of curiosity alone?
Father wants to prevent them from going back to school
How to make sure wealth does not make you distant from God
He had sex with another man’s wife, the husband wants to kill him now
Why do so many people in the West wish for death?
Is forgetting the Quran a curse from God?
Her intended is being forced by his family to marry someone else
Her family prevents her from practicing Islam
Is it forbidden to call a woman a goddess as a compliment?
How to be compassionate, and on acting compassionate without feeling it
In Islam how are we meant to deal with death of a loved one?
Are there misogynistic stories in the Quran?
Is nikah engagement or marriage?
Is it permitted to show the neck when wearing hijab?
The Islamic ruling on women wearing perfume
Hating a sibling for abusing her family’s trust
The ruling on the prayer of an alcohol-drinker
On which hour on Friday are prayers accepted?
Can jinns possess objects or show themselves?
Islam’s solution for a woman who lost her virginity due to rape
Dealing with people looking down on housewives
Is the neck part of aurat?
Is it permitted for Muslim girls to post their photos on social networks?
The Islamic ruling on celebrating national holidays (such as New Year’s Day)
Proposing to a man as a Muslim woman
Does God reward involuntary charity?
Dealing with fraud without legal recourse
Dealing with a mother who likes horoscopes
December 2018
The Islamic ruling on dyeing hair (for men and women)
The Islamic ruling on building new churches in Muslim lands
It is permissible to assign particular nights for performing qiyam communally outside Ramadan
Organ donation is permissible in Islam (with conditions)
Is placing patients on life support (and taking them off when brain dead) permissible in Islam?
Is it haram to have a non-Muslim girlfriend?
A non-Muslim woman who was impregnated by her Muslim boyfriend
The conditions that apply to a Muslim man marrying a non-Muslim woman
Singing and playing musical instruments is permissible in Islam
Are student loans, mortgages and credit cards haram in the West?
Secret romantic relationships in Islam
Is it haram to be embarrassed by your parents?
Can a Muslim woman wear jeans?
Is surrogation permissible in Islam?
How to convince parents to agree to marrying that person?
Can a Hanafi person pray the Asr prayer according to Shafii time?
It is permissible to attend Christmas celebrations as a Muslim (with conditions)
Does God reward good deeds in the worldly life too?
If loved ones go to Paradise after death, why do the religious cry for them?
Dealing with a toxic work environment as a Muslim
Is dawah obligatory when it is awkward and rude?
How to balance worldly goals and religious goals?
Constantly redoing prayers in fear of having made errors
Islam’s view of having non-Muslim friends
Child lied to parents about finishing college
Can a Muslim woman divorce without the husband’s approval?
Her intended does not want to pay for the honeymoon
Islam and nightmares
Is it haram to hang pictures in a room?
How to have a halal marriage when there are so many haram outlets?
Catching a child watching pornography as a Muslim parent
Getting braces is permissible in Islam
Are the signs of end times (such as al-Mahdi) in Islam authentic?
It is permissible for Sunni Muslims to marry Shia Muslims (with conditions)
How to memorize long verses like Ayat al-Kursi
Overcoming doubts on becoming Muslim
Why is God not helping me?
Is it permissible to have hobbies in Islam?
On Muslim migrant criminal and uncivilized behavior in the West
Sexual fantasies in Islam
Which sura must be recited after al-Fatiha? What to do in prayer if you haven’t memorized much Quran?
Do the consequences of other people’s sins affect us?
Is it sinful to cherry-pick which scholars you listen to?
How is the start of maghrib prayer determined?
How is isha start time calculated?
Determining start of fajr prayer in the UK
Cosmetic surgery is permissible in Islam (with conditions)
On the unreliability of the hadith on Muslims being fated to establish a Prophetic caliphate
On Islam’s view of psychology and scientific reductionism
Is it sinful in Islam to not love your parent?
Making wudu with nail polish: Is it the same as masḥ (wiping over socks)?
The Quran and the Shape of the Earth: Is It Round or Flat?
November 2018
What is there to do if you suffer because someone you love is far away from God?
Is it permissible for a man to marry if he needs his wife’s and relatives’ financial help?
A woman’s prayer is still valid if part of her hair is unintentionally uncovered
Can faith in God help you succeed in your studies even if you do not study enough?
Dealing with missing someone after a breakup
It is permissible for menstruating women to enter mosques and to stay there for lectures
Why are Muslim men so judgmental about what a woman wears?
Your low iman may actually be depression
The morality of sharing music on social media
What is the best way to avoid habitual sins?
Can one unknowingly associate partners with God?
The Muslim view of Orientalists
October 2018
How to pray the witr prayer
On the hadiths of the punishment of image-makers (al-muṣawwirūn)
August 2018
Islam’s ruling on cannibalism for survival
Is it permissible to draw and paint in Islam?
Feeling lonely and incomplete despite praying and reading Quran
Can you remain in contact with a relative who left Islam?
Coworker encourages them to sin
What should a Muslim woman do if she feels more attracted to women than men?
The difference between tahajjud and qiyam al-layl
What is Islam’s punishment for premarital sexual intercourse?
Will God’s forgiveness allow someone to get away with their crimes?
She is engaged to someone but wishes to marry someone else
Laughter in dreams and menstruation
What to do if you have lost hope in everything
What a man should do if he does not have the money to marry
On not inviting abusive parents to one’s nikah
Is it wrong in Islam to feel jealous?
Her husband forbids her from going to the gym
Her friend is too involved with her male colleagues
Is it permissible to pray tahajjud after performing witr?
Can babies see angels?
Can angels read and understand the Quran or not?
In Islam, are we fated to marry a specific person?
Are sexual and homosexual fantasies forbidden in Islam?
The appropriate way to approach and propose to a Muslim woman
Being Muslim and a fangirl/fanboy of a fictional world
Is it permissible to write down prayer words when learning how to pray (salah)?
She keeps dreaming of a particular man she likes
How can we know if our dua is delayed or rejected?
It is permissible for Muslims to celebrate birthdays
What are the exact rulings on the hijab in the Quran?
Why is it so difficult to stop repeating sins?
Did Abraham’s wife Sarah laugh at the destruction of Lot’s people?
Does the Quran blame Lot’s people for “desiring” men when desire is outside human control?
Why is Islam opposed to homosexuality?
Balancing worship with productive work
July 2018
Why are Muslims so judgmental?
Can Muslim women wear shirts and training pants for sports?
On Muslim hypocrisy in not defending other persecuted peoples
How do I find the one who is right for me?
The real meaning of kāfir and the difference between small kufr and big kufr
Are the prayers and fasts of a non-hijabi accepted?
On an agnostic’s marriage to a Muslim
On watching Quran videos during tahajjud
How to be forgiving and mentally stronger
Why Saudi Arabia does not represent Islam
Wanting to repent but not feeling repentant
Cleaning parts of the body hit by toilet splash-back
Her parents fight constantly and stress her out
Can Muslim women be intellectuals and have careers?
What types of insurance can Muslims get?
On the Evil Eye, Hadith Authenticity and Confirmation Bias
On “thighing” and semen on the Prophet’s clothes
The sunna prayer of dhuhr (ẓuhr) can be prayed in units of two or four
There are billions of non-Muslims, so how can Islam be the one true path?
On being in Paradise and not feeling negative emotions
Muslim woman prays without hijab
How to know which Islamic scholars to follow
What should be the Muslim attitude toward the Bible?
On dealing with anti-Muslim parents and siblings as a convert
Why Islam does not have a specific punishment for rape
Differences in male and female responsibility for adultery in Islam
Converts to Islam do not need to get circumcised (but it is recommended)
Forgiving society’s shortcomings and wrongs as a Muslim
Kafara for wrongful abortion and manslaughter for one who cannot fast 60 days
Explanation of the “kill them where you find them” verse of the Quran
Making sense of all the different versions of Islam as a convert
The Islamic prayer for healing from the Quran
Responding to atheist arguments against Islam
Islam and abortion
Muslims may write fantasy and romance novels (except for erotic ones)
Islam and the legalization of recreational drugs
On not feeling close to God
Ruling on mistakes during sajda al-sahu
Fixing mother’s relationship with her sister
Why the hijab is still obligatory (and why it is not only a vestige of 7th century Arabia)
The things in Islam permitted and prohibited when menstruating
Is homosexuality more evil than rape in the Quran? Not exactly
On the different origins of Kurds, Hawramis and Zaza People
On fighting back against postmodernism and “social justice warriors”
On reducing unnecessary physical contact with the opposite sex
Repenting from ghayba (backbiting): You do not need to tell the person
Is marriage compulsory in Islam?
What to do when feeling far away from God
Do you pray the sunnah before the iqama or after when praying alone
On adoption, Aisha’s age and the Prophet’s dreams about her
Why does Islam allow a man to marry his adopted daughter?
On having empathy toward non-Muslims
Having short hair as a Muslim woman
Wiping over socks to avoid frostbite from ablution
On becoming an Islamic scholar
Is Saudi Arabia an Islamic country?
What happens if a Muslim girl gets caught with a boyfriend?
Getting emotional when thinking about God
Is “halal” nail polish really halal?
Pakistan’s behind-the-times Islam
Why did Imam Malik forbid living in non-Muslim countries?
June 2018
How will God punish the person who wronged me?
Muslim woman going to a mixed university
Giving up an addiction to “sexting” apps
Porn is destroying my life, I’m not able to control the urges
Parents will not let him marry his chosen
A father who refuses to approve his daughter’s marriage with a person from a different culture
April 2018
The types of touching between spouses or strangers that nullify wudu
Suicide and self-harm in Islam
Living as a Muslim and a homosexual
Is reading erotica permitted in Islam?
On Islamic prayers for fertility
Is adopting preferred to having one’s own child in Islam?
Is kosher meat and meat from Christian Orthodox countries halal?
On Muslims working for companies that deal with interest
Islamic rulings on ear, nose and tongue piercings
On rejoining Islam after a sinful life
On the ritual purity of cats in Islam
A man who refuses to marry the woman he had premarital sex with
Distinguishing between trustworthy and untrustworthy Muslim scholars and intellectuals
On raising the hands during salah as a Hanafi
On the Shia and their fate according to Sunni Islam
On unanswered prayers, and is it normal for a Muslim to doubt God’s existence?
On giving up a sinful relationship
A Muslim who cannot escape the guilt of a sinful life
Why is seeking knowledge important in Islam?
Is it forbidden for a Muslim to fall in love with a Christian?
On sharing a room with a homosexual person of one’s own sex
On responding to criticisms of Islam and the Prophet Muhammad
On praying (making dua) during salah and whether one can do it in English
Balancing materialism and fatalism
Wanting to get married as a Muslim woman but having no suitors
Solution for a person who due to illness cannot make up missed fasts
Not feeling at ease when reading the Quran
Hope for someone desiring suicide
On the evil eye
Getting engaged Islamically without marriage
March 2018
The Quran guarantees religious freedom, so why don’t Muslim scholars believe in it?
Dealing with the aftermath of a husband’s cheating
The issues surrounding the reliability of authentic narrations (al-Bukhari and Muslim)
How to be kinder and more polite to family members
The fate of atheists in Islam
On which scholar’s opinions to follow and scholarly consensus (ijmāʿ)
On fighting desires when alone
Dealing with an addiction to pornography
On sexism and misogyny in hadith narrations and the books of scholars
Is it forbidden for Muslims to befriend non-Muslims?
Dealing with cruelty from one’s own family
On God’s judgement regarding primitive humans (Amala and Kamala)
Can you do a khatm (complete reading) of the Quran with a translation?
On proposing to a man as a Muslim woman
Why doesn’t Islam have paintings and music?
Enduring the difficulties of having an abusive mother
On not speaking to someone for more than three days
Dealing with a family who want to marry off a daughter without her consent
Dealing with betrayal and slander from friends
Getting over an impossible love
Do Muslims need to make up prayers intentionally missed for years?
February 2018
Can a Muslim woman marry an uncircumcised man?
Avoiding the West’s culture of usury as a Muslim
Can one read or listen to Quran online without wudu?
How do Azhar-educated Muslims end up as terrorists?
Is it forbidden in Islam to be friends with a transgender person?
On stopping having infatuation for a person
On avoiding looking at inappropriate images on the internet
Learning to love God again
December 2017
Yoga is permissible in Islam if it is done for health
Islam and cruelty-free products
Makeup is permissible in Islam (with conditions)
The chaining of Satan and difficulties with Islam’s metaphysics
Will my past sins count against me after having returned to Islam?
How and why does God seal people’s hearts?
“Will the Sunni and Shia killing ever stop?”
Why Muslim women cannot marry non-Muslims
Daughter wants to distance herself from her abusive parents
Are men allowed to show their emotions in Islam?
Can prayer change your fate and destiny in Islam?
Did God destroy the People of Lot for rape instead of homosexuality?
Dealing with sexist hadith narrations as a woman
It is permissible to celebrate Mawlid of the Prophet ﷺ
“I always feel depressed. What should I do?”
House husbands in Islam
How to pray on an airplane when you do not know the qibla
Should Islam and politics mix or not?
What to do if you cannot read the Quran very well
What is the best dua for marrying well?
The purpose of hijab in Islam
It is permissible for Muslims to say “Merry Christmas” to non-Muslims
November 2017
Dealing with abusive parents in Islam
“Am I a fake Muslim if I feel guilty at what other Muslims are doing?”
What is the Islamic way to treat cruel and repugnant relatives?
Do women make up the majority of people in Hell?
Serving God when dependent on your parents
“Why are Muslims so judgmental? Muslim men’s expectations of women are too high.”
Dealing with an overly emotional mother
What is a good prayer (dua) for fear?
Can Muslims marry but never have children?
Are Muslims allowed to never marry?
Breaking up with a friend of the same sex who is sexually attracted to you
Honor killings and execution of adulterers in Islam
Can someone with mental illness marry in Islam?
Marriage is not necessarily “half our religion”
What are the manners and rules of performing wudu and prayer?
Is getting agitated when someone walks in on you praying something to be concerned about?
On intentionally delaying the isha prayer
How to repent from zina (sex outside of marriage)
Can you pray after eating pork by mistake?
Why is sexual harassment of women common in Muslim countries? IQ and development, not religion
Feeling more spiritual with friends, less spiritual when alone
Why can’t I pray tahajjud anymore?
“How to avoid sexual desires?”
“He made me fall in love with his words, I crossed my line for him…”
“I am tired of fighting and tired of trying…”
“Is it bismillaah ar rahman ar raheem or bismilaa hir rahman nir raheem?”
“This world has always been so cruel to me…”
October 2017
Masturbation is not clearly forbidden or allowed in Islam
The niqab is neither obligatory nor sunna
Islam, the Good Parts: A Basic Income System that Encourages Employment, Productive Investment and Automation
What’s a good modern biography of Prophet Muhammad?
What to recite next after finishing salah
Can a person perform the ritual washing of a dead spouse’s body?
Dealing with parents who disrespect and fight each other
On Islamic Manners Toward Parents
What to do if you cannot find interesting and like-minded Muslims to befriend
Islam’s theory of free will versus physical determinism: Why humans are responsible for their actions even though God operates the universe
Should Muslims boycott the Hajj because of Saudi repression and war crimes?
What to do if strict/intolerant Muslims make you dislike Islam
God has not abandoned you: Regaining your sense of purpose when life feels spiritually empty, lonely and meaningless
When to stand up during the iqamah, at the beginning, a specific point or at the end?
Muslims may use “God” instead of “Allah”, and why most converts to Islam should keep their pre-Islam names
Strategies for forgiving others
September 2017
What to do if the Quran (in English) does not touch your heart
What is “sabr”?
Dating and Relationships in Islam: What is Allowed and What is Not
Islam versus Feminism
Understanding Islam’s Sophisticated Approach to Slavery: Why Muslims Practiced Slavery in the Past, and Why They Reject it Today
The Quranic and Prophetic Way to Treating Non-Muslims
How is it fair that unattractive women have difficulty getting married? Why does God allow this?
Why did God let His scriptures (the Torah and the Gospels) become corrupted?
Did God intend for Satan to not bow down to Adam? Why did He let it happen?
What is Tawbah Nasoohah?
Islam and dealing with PTSD from sexual abuse
Being a Muslim and a tomboy
Did the Prophet marry a 9-year-old girl? (She may have actually been close to 18)
Will God forgive your sins?
Islamic Strategies for Escaping a Sinful Life
Dealing with an eating disorder (and other mental conditions) as a Muslim
It is permissible for Muslim women to pluck their eyebrows (with conditions)
On the Rohingya Muslims
The Islamic way to getting over a breakup
The Islamic view of watching anime and reading manga
What to do if all the negative coverage of Islam and online Islam-bashing affects you
Is the Deathly Hallows sign related to the “Illuminati”?
Difference Between Sunnah Muakkadah and Ghair Muakkadah
Are tattoos permissible in Islam?
Do you need wudu’ to make du’a or dhikr?
On kind-hearted non-Muslims being better than evil Muslims
Can Muslims keep dogs as pets? (Yes, according to some scholars)
Is donating blood permissible in Islam?
The Islamic View of Sex Education and Adolescent Exposure to Sexual Scenes in Novels and Films
What to do if you make a mistake during salah (formal prayer)?
What is the right age for a Muslim woman to get married?
Will one’s prayers be valid if they unknowingly make an error in them for a long period of time?
How long can you delay the isha prayer?
Raising and lowering the finger during salah (formal prayer)
How soon are the sunnah prayers performed after the fard prayers?
August 2017
How to increase iman (piety and mindfulness of God)
Can a Muslim woman have male friends? The Islamic view of having friends of the opposite sex
What is permissible for a Muslim woman to wear in front of her husband, and what are they allowed to do in private?
What is permissible for a Muslim woman to wear in front of her father, other close male relatives, and other women?
July 2017
Why do different Muslims (such as Hanafis) follow different prayer timings?
How to make up multiple missed prayers (salah)
Origin of Darood Sharif
On Islam, Homosexuality and Homosexual Muslims
What happened to Islamic civilization? Why did Muslims fall behind in science and technology?
Book recommendations for a beginner to Islam
Listening to Music is Permissible in Islam
How to stop wasting time on social media
Why must women pray behind men at the mosque?
Patriarchy in the Quran
Dealing with a porn addiction
Managing stress and loneliness
What to do if you have intentionally missed many days of prayers
The point of the Islamic acts of worship
June 2017
What to do when your spouse is less religious than you
October 2015
Why there are so few Christian terrorists
August 2015
Horoscopes and Islam
December 2014
Is reading the Quran better than listening to it?