List of European Converts to Islam


This page lists Muslims of European ancestry who work or worked in intellectually demanding fields, in the hope of countering false impressions about the nature of Islam and its place in the West.

Alexander Russell Webb (1846 – 1916)

American writer, publisher, and the United States Consul to the Philippines.

Ivan Aguéli (1869 – 1917 CE)

Ivan Aguéli (1869 – 1917 CE), first known Swedish convert to Islam.

Swedish Post-impressionist artist who converted to Sufism in the late 1890’s.

Marmaduke Pickthall (1875 – 1936)

A novelist respected by D. H. Lawrence, H. G. Wells, and E. M. Forster. Noted for his English translation of the Qur’an (1930).

René Guénon (1886 – 1951)

French author, intellectual and metaphysician.

Martin Lings (1909 – 2005)

English Muslim writer, scholar, and philosopher. An authority on Shakespeare and writer of Muhammad: His Life Based on the Earliest Sources.

Murad Wilfried Hofmann (1931 – )

German diplomat and author.

Umar Faruq Abd-Allah Wymann-Landgraf (1948 – )

Major American Islamic scholar.

Jeffrey Lang (1954 – )

American mathematics professor.

Bruno Guiderdoni

Director of Research at the Paris Institute of Astrophysics.

Hamza Yusuf (1958 – )

Major American Muslim intellectual.


Suhaib Webb (1972 – )

Major American imam (Islamic religious leader).

Jonathan A. C. Brown (1977 – )

American Islamic scholar and professor.