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I suffer from a fatiguing chronic illness that, without proper treatment, prevents me from doing any of the Islamic work I normally do, such as writing articles, researching hadith, reading scholarly works and answering questions. Your help will make it possible for me to receive the treatments that I need. I need a number of expensive medications in order to have the mental and physical energy to work, and at the moment I’m often unable to afford them.

May Allah reward you greatly for your support.

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My Books

You can support me by getting my books from (available as paperbacks and Kindle ebooks) and leaving honest reviews. Reviews are essential for the success of books by independent authors.

My books are listed below. If you don’t live in the US, please search for Ikram Hawramani on your local Amazon site to find my books.

The Sayings of Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyyah ⸳ A Beautiful Path to God ⸳ An Intelligent Person’s Guide to Understanding Islam and Muslims ⸳ Learning Quranic Arabic for Complete Beginners ⸳ Ikram’s Advanced Vocabulary Builder: Over 6000 Important Words for SAT, GRE and TOEFL Students ⸳ Baby Names for Muslims ⸳ Traditional and Modern Arabic Baby Names ⸳ Traditional Islamic Baby Names ⸳ Computer Programming for Complete Beginners ⸳ HTML & CSS for Complete Beginners ⸳ HTML, CSS & JavaScript for Complete Beginners ⸳ Cloud Computing for Complete Beginners ⸳ Object-Oriented PHP Best Practices ⸳ JavaScript for Complete Beginners