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  1. Asaad (Name)

Asaad (Name)

Asaad (transliteration: Asʿad, Arabic: أسعد) (not to be confused with Asad) is an Arabic name for boys that means “happier”, “happiest”, “more fortunate”, “most fortunate”, the word implies both joy and luck.12 It is the comparative and superlative form of Saʿīd. The word Asaad also refers to a disease like mange that debilitates camels.34 It is unclear whether the name was used in ancient Arabia with the meaning of “happy/lucky” or with reference to this disease (names with negative meanings were common among the ancient Arabians due to the belief that such names warded off the harms of envy). Asaad is also the name of an Arabian tribe5 which belongs to the larger tribe of Nahd, which belongs to Quḍāʿah.

Asaad is also spelled As’ad, As’aad and Asad.

There are 11 Companions of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) named Asaad:

  • Asaad bin Harithah أسعد بن حارثة
  • Asaad bin Harithath al-Ansari al-Sa`idi أسعد بن حارثة الأنصاري الساعدي
  • Asaad bin Haram al-Khazraji أسعد بن حرام الخزرجي
  • Asaad al-Khair أسعد الخير
  • Asaad bin Zurarah أسعد بن زُرارة
  • Asaad bin Salamah al-Ashhali al-Ansari أسعد بن سلامة الأشهلي الأنصاري
  • Asaad bin Sahl bin Haneef أسعد بن سهل بن حنيف
  • Asaad bin Abdullah bin Malik أسعد بن عبد الله بن مالك
  • Asaad bin Atiyyah bin Ubaid أسعد بن عطية بن عبيد
  • Asaad bin Yarboo` al-Ansari أسعد بن يربوع الأنصاري
  • Asaad bin Yazeed bin al-Faakah أسعد بن يزيد بن الفاكة

Below is the name Asaad written in Arabic naskh script:

Below is the name Asaad written in Arabic kufi script: