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IslamQA: Should you tell your fiance about your hymenoplasty?

I read your answers about hymenoplasty but my case is specific, please help! I was 15 when I lost my virginity, stupid and naive- the guy was 10 years older than me so I changed my mind when it was about to happen, but he did it anyways. I was not a Muslim back then. Now I am a Muslima, 22 years old, shall I tell my fiance I did hymenoplasty, or does it count as my past (we shouldn’t talk about our previous sins; and Allah forgives the past, before islam and repentance). However, I feel like that big of a lie (deception) would cause a break of our relationship sooner or later and a heavier reason, I don’t want to stain my soul by lying! People nowadays underestimate what lies do to our character. On the other hand, I am very content I did it because it helps me guard from zina now. And it somehow healed me. May Allah bless you for your research and knowledge you share with us.

According to a fatwa by the Qatari Fatwa Authority, a person who committed zina should not tell the future spouse about it since the Prophet PBUH recommends that we do not tell others about our sins when God has allowed them to remain secret. This is also the opinion of Shaykh Muhammad al-Hasan al-Shanqiti in a fatwa. For this reason it may be best if you keep your history and your hymen reconstruction a secret. I understand the burden of feeling like you are living a lie. What you should do may change based on the character of your future spouse. If they are pious, open-minded and forgiving, then letting them know may not harm your relationship with them, while if they have some immaturity then it may be best to keep it a secret from them. It is a difficult choice, but as far as I know there is no easy way out. If you keep it a secret, you can make it up through repentance and worship, especially through developing a close relationship with the Quran through tahajjud and Quran-reading.

Best wishes inshaAllah.


IslamQA: The Islamic ruling on reconstructing the hymen (hymenoplasty)

According to a study by the Egyptian scholar ʿAbdallāh al-Najjār, who belongs to Al-Azhar University, hymen reconstruction surgery (hymenorrhaphy or hymenoplasty) is permissible in Islam. He says at the end of his study:

We conclude from our study that there is nothing in comparative Islamic jurisprudence that implies reconstructing the hymen is impermissible. This is the case whether the hymen was broken due to an immoral act or a moral cause that excuses the girl. It is permissible to perform the surgery in call cases.

According to the Saudi scholar Dr. Muḥammad b. Yaḥyā al-Nujaymī (member of the International Islamic Fiqh Academy in Jeddah), reconstructing the hymen is permissible if it was due to a factor outside the girl’s control, such as rape. The Kuwaiti mufti Dr. Aḥmad al-Ḥajī al-Kurdī has a similar opinion.

The Palestinian Fatwa Authority has a similar opinion, but goes on to say that the surgery can be permissible even if the girl lost it due to an intentional act if it can be judged that the harm of not performing the surgery would be greater than the harm of performing of it. The harm of not performing the surgery is that it would affect the girl’s marriageability, while the harm of performing it, according to the fatwa, is that it is a form of deception.

Many Saudi fatwas forbid hymen reconstruction, but Egyptian and Palestinian opinions mentioned above are more mainstream.