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Dear Mr.Ikram Hawramani Salam brother, i hope you find the question in good health. I have benefited from some of your blog post and i find that you have a poetic way of explaning things so here i am asking for your advice. To put in perspective i am 19 years old and i have just started praying again. I would like to apologise for tge long post, and i am sorry for being rude but can i ask what are your qualifications i.e what institue you graduated from? I know i am in no position to ask this, i have already benefited from your blog but i humbly would like reasurance and i am also curious. My question is: What to do with a tattoo obsession and ways to stop this obsession I have this obsession with tattoo, it was something that i will research/(browse on the internet), on for almost 2-3h everyday it has been going on for 6months or more. Alhamdulillah i now am getting better at not look at tattoos online, controling this obsession and i realise that it will bring me no benefit whatsoever but i still have this deep desire to get tattoo even though i recognise that it will bring me no benefit. What should i do, and what is the consiquence if i do get a tatoo.I have already rationalise why i should not get a tatttoo aside from it being haram in the points bellow: 1. I also understand that getting a tattoo is a open rebellion towards Allah S.W.T as it is a sin. 2. if people see me with tattoo it is similar to dishonoring myself as people may see me as a sinner. 3. I also understand that i may find difficulty in finding a wife in the future and also in the future if i have children it may degrade me in front of my child as he may see me as a sinner and how can i ask my child to be a good muslim if i have commited a permenet sin on my body. 4. Allah S.W.T curse thoose who get tattoos. 5. Permanently changing the creation of Allah S.W.T 6. In the process of getting a tattoo that may take multiple session as i am commiting a sin and this may weaken my iman and make me leave my prayers 7. It is defying the wishies of my parents I personally feel that maybe the desire for tattoo is more of a sympthom for a deeper sickness, maybe some insecurities in myself. As i rationally understand that there are no benefit in it apart from a delusion of it being "cool" and maybe honestly its because the people whom i Previously hung out with have tattoos and my brother have tattoos, having no farther figure in my life i look to my brother as the central male figure in my life and he has tattoo maybe this may also cause me to want tattoos. And what if i do get tattoos, and forgive me for saying this i am trying to be as honest and sincere as possible in asking this question. " I want to get a body suit japanese style tattoo, thus it may take a full year to get tattoo with 2 or 3 session every week ranging from 2-5h per session." This is a extremly long proccess isit delusional for me if i hope god can forgive me, and this surely this tattoo will bring me away from the worship of Allah S.W.T. I want to point out a hadith an a article, first the hadith bellow, i know this hadith does not justify doing sin but what if i do get a tattoo will doing good deeds balance out my sins? On the authority of Abu Dharr Jundub ibn Junadah, and Abu 'Abd-ir-Rahman Mu'adh bin Jabal (may Allah be pleased with them) that the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessing of Allah be upon him) said: "Be conscious of Allah wherever you are. Follow the bad deed with a good one to erase it, and engage others with beautiful character." Refering to the articale bellow if i do get a tattoo, because it take up to a year maybe even longer isit delusional to jope for Allah S.W.T forgivness? https://sunnahonline.com/library/purification-of-the-soul/636-hoping-in-allahs-mercy I am excited to hear your reply. Hope you have a blessed ramadan

Alaikumassalam wa rahmatullah,

Regarding your question about my qualifications: I am self-educated. You can view a list of books I have studied on the about page.

Regarding getting a tattoo, unfortunately there is no way to do this while ensuring God’s forgiveness and mercy. The Quran says:

Repentance is available from God for those who commit evil out of ignorance, and then repent soon after. These—God will relent towards them. God is Knowing and Wise.

But repentance is not available for those who commit evils, until when death approaches one of them, he says, “Now I repent,” nor for those who die as disbelievers. These—We have prepared for them a painful torment.

The Quran, verses 4:17-18.

I recommend that you wait until you are older before you make the decision to get the tattoo. Our ability to control our impulses only completes its maturity after the age of 25. Once you reach this age you will be able to decide things for yourself in a mature way.

For now, I recommend you busy yourself with ways of getting closer to God. Maybe this will help you avoid the temptation. For more please see: Guides on Getting Closer to God

Best wishes.