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  1. How to know which Islamic banks to trust

IslamQA: How to know which Islamic banks to trust

Salam brother. There has been a mushroon growth of islamic banks in the muslim world both arab and non arab countries. We as laymen, dont know if their mechanism are "really" islamic. We dont know behind the scence it is just riba by another name although they get fatwas from islamic scholars of the country who endorse those banks too. Is it ok to trust them and do banking on these banks??? Jazak Allah

Alaikumassalam wa rahmatullah,

You just have to research the specific bank to find out how good they are. If they have the support of many respected scholars then you can trust them. But if they only have one random scholar’s fatwa then I wouldn’t trust that. So Al Rayan Bank in the UK seems pretty legitimate due to all the scholarly support they have.