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  1. Modern examples of Muslims being munafiqs (hypocrites)

IslamQA: Modern examples of Muslims being munafiqs (hypocrites)

Assalamualaikum, "In the Quran Allah talks about hypocrites and munafiqs. Many muslim's unknowingly practice both of these transgressions. The term munafiq describes a person who is "two-faced" inasmuch as he always tries to find arn easy way out of any real commitment, be it spiritual or social, by adapting his course of action to what promises to be of practical advantage to him in the situation in which he happens to find himself." what are some examples of how everyday Muslims are munafiqs?

Alaikumassalam wa rahmatullah,

Any statement or deed designed to make others think of you as more pious and devout than you really are can be considered nifaq/hypocrisy. So a person who says they go to the mosque for every prayer when they do not is a munafiq. Or someone who goes to the mosque in order to be seen rather than going because they want to. Or when someone gives charity in order to gain fame rather than to please God. Whenever we pretend to be pious and devout to manipulate others, that’s nifaq. Whenever we show a level of piety in public that we lack in private, that’s nifaq.