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IslamQA: Can you read the Quran on a smartphone without wudu?

Hi! Do you think it is okay to read Quran through an app without performing ablution? The phone isn’t Quran after all, so does holding the phone without ablution, though reading Quran through it require to perform ablution?

Assalamu alaikum,

There is no need for wudu when reading the Quran from a computer or smartphone, or when reading a translation. Even menstruating women can use these methods, as discussed here.

IslamQA: Is there a reward for listening to the Quran without understanding?

unfortunately i don’t speak Arabic. I have memorized a few surahs (used in salah) and duroods but otherwise read the Quran in english. If I do things like play youtube videos of duas and surahs in Arabic is there still Sawab?

There are no Quranic verses or hadiths that directly deal with your question, but according to a Saudi fatwa a person will be rewarded for listening to the Quran even if they do not understand it. I would say that if a person sacrifices their time to listen to such things in order to feel closer to God then they will be rewarded for this sacrifice.


IslamQA: Is covering the hair necessary when reading the Quran?

Assalamu alaykum Please I want to know it it's obligatory for Muslim women to cover their hair whenever they want to recite the Quran

Alaikumassalam wa rahmatullah,

It is not necessary to cover the hair or any other part of the body when reading the Quran as there is no legal evidence on this issue. But it is recommended to cover up as a way of respecting the Quran.