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IslamQA: The Islamic view of the Netflix series The Messiah (Dajjal)

Salam! Have you seen the new series netflix trailer called 'the messiah"? They're apparently making a show about Dajjal!

Second question: What is your take on the Netflix trailer of a show called messiah which people are saying it’s about the Dajjal? a lot of negative reactions and people saying they are scared, but Allah already told us about this

I think they are just trying to make money. I do not consider Dajjal important and I am skeptical of most of the hadiths about him, so he is the last thing I would worry about. I hope to one day do a thorough study of the hadiths to find out what exactly the truly authentic hadiths tell us about him. Most of the hadiths are rather low quality, so most of what you have heard about Dajjal is probably just superstition, fabrications and things learned from Christians about the anti-Christ.

And God knows best.
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3 years ago

“Please note: The answers on constitute friendly advice rather than fatwas. Where relevant, we translate the opinions and fatwas of respected scholars and present them in our answers.”

Where are your sources?
Where do you get this answers?
May Allah protect us from people like you.