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IslamQA: What minor sins can turn into major sins?

assalamualaikum what are examples of minor sins that can become habits and be a big sin? Examples will help me be wary of it in my own life. Like is doing something that is not even considered a "sin" excessively then become a sin?

Alaikumassalam wa rahmatullah,

If you pray regularly and read Quran, then you will inshaAllah be protected from minor sins turning into major sins. When venturing to commit a major sin, God gives you many opportunities to repent and turn back, and if you have a good relationship with Him, He will also place many obstacles before you to prevent you from committing the sin.

A minor sin that could turn into a major sin is watching pornography. A person may go on from there to pay to watch live webcam erotic performers, and it may be an easy step from there to set up an actual in-person meeting. Being very sexually aroused weakens our ability to control our actions and makes sinful things appear good and beautiful, so minor sexual sins have the danger of easily turning into major sins. You may be interested in my essay: The Philosophy of Pornography and Masturbation

And God knows best.
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