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IslamQA: Why did God not create humans to be perfect?

Recently,when I read Quran,instead of fixing my belief in God, there started to occur tricky questions. Right now I am stuck with this one: "Allah is El-Kuddûs.The One who is beyond all human understanding of purity, perfection and holiness.But shouldn't all of His creations be as much perfect? Why did devil become devil? Isn't it like an error in the most perfect system?hafazanAllah, I'm trying to be careful, but at the same time it's humanly to want to satisfy the mind, right?Assallamuelykum.

Alaikumassalam wa rahmatullah,

God already had perfectly obedient creatures (the angels) before the creation of Adam. The point of Adam is not to be perfect, but to have free choice to be good or evil. By freely choosing to be good, he is made greater than the angels, since angels have no choice. So this world of imperfection enables the existence of a greater perfection than would be possible otherwise.

For a longer discussion of these issues, please see my essay: Why God Allows Evil to Exist, and Why Bad Things Happen to Good People

And God knows best.
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