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IslamQA: Why should we ask God for guidance and purification if it makes our lives difficult?

Salamalaikum Brother, Have you ever asked god to guide you to the right path? And have you purified yourself? I did and it was the most difficult time of my life. I never want to do that again.Why do muslims need to purify themselves? It ruins your life by getting more problems.

Alaikumassalam wa rahmatullah,

I pray for those things everyday. The reason one prays for them is that they prefer the the eternal life of the Hereafter over the present life. Why should I care if I spend an extremely difficult year or two if it ensures that I will have a very high place in Paradise for eternity?

The brave and intelligent thing to do is to prefer guidance and purification, accept the hardships that come with it, and keep your hope alive in the bliss of the Hereafter. It is not brave or intelligent to prefer ease in this life and throw away your high station in the afterlife.

It is also wrong to think that it makes your life difficult permanently. In fact once the purification is over your life can become easier than ever before. When you walk with God’s guidance and remembrance in your heart then you get a sense of peace and confidence that makes you not fear any hardship or difficulty, and that makes you feel good and happy inwards regardless of what happens in the outside world.

And God knows best.
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